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With yoga to the desired figure – is it possible?

Yoga is not a question of figures. And, of course, it must first of all be used for relaxation and fun in smooth motion.

But maybe you yourself wondered how common aces actually affect your figure and if there is no synonym for turning. That is exactly the question we go here with an expert.

Weight loss in yoga

"When you're doing yoga, just lie on the mat, doing some dogs that look like they're down, then meditate, do not you?" Something like that has already been heard by all those who regularly attend the yoga course. If yoga is an absolute goal for mental health, it is almost all clear now. The fact that yoga is much more sporty, but the majority is new.

Motion Browser Sonia Tailor Bach explains why yoga is also suitable for weight loss and makes the whole body really fit. She has developed a yoga program for the online training platform "Yogaeasy", which aims to adjust with the help of yoga.

Can you lose weight with the right?

Those who start with yoga usually do not want to find a body, but above all the mental balance. If the big body then follows the spirit – so much better! But there are actually yoga courses that are specifically designed to cause and shape the body as well as the mind.

This is possible above all through so-called high intensity units. Sonia Taylor Bach describes her yoga style as follows: "I teach dynamic-dynamic yoga style through Yogaeasy, paired with relaxation sessions to get back down." Yoga of high intensity flow, where circulation and fat burning really start.

How, first and foremost, how quickly can I lose weight with the law?

According to Taylor Bach, there is no standard that each body is different. But, according to the teacher: "Regularity is worth it." Those who stay on and work regularly units will soon have a sense of accomplishment and, above all, notice changes. And all over the body!

"Regular practice of yoga, awareness changes, it's the way for a healthy body and also a recipe for sustainable health," says an expert. "As a nice side effect you get only a healthy body."

5 best yoga exercises for the stomach, legs and butt

Anyone who has ever been in jogging and screaming asanas knows how tough and exhilarating to be such a few movements, including sore muscles in the abdomen, thighs, calves and buttocks, but that's a good thing because it proves that yoga can be a perfect exercise for the belly of the leg, we selected the 5 best yoga exercises for you in those regions of the body:

1. "Utkatasana" chair

With yoga to the desired figure - is it possible? 2

Strength for thighs and bottom: Chair. © soul_studio /

This is how it works: Stand upright in upright position and stretch your arms over your head. Keep your back straight.

It brings: The chair does not only require thighs but also the buttocks. What are the thighs more horizontal, the exercise becomes more intense. Imagine you really sit on your chair – just without a chair, so your legs and butt work all the time. The work that is worth your muscles!

2. Warrior II, "Virabhadrasana II"

This is how it works: On the left, make a big step back and gently turn left foot out so that the heel is on the ground. Bend your right knee until your thigh is equal. Now open the hips and shoulders to the left, the torso turns to the side. Place your right arm on shoulder height and left behind. The view goes forward. Press the left outer edge of the left foot into the ground.

It brings: Warrior II combines mental strength with full muscle strength. A rigorous and purposeful forward look allows the mind to focus. However, body posture also requires from the body. High performance: Requires both feet and core and arms.

3. Watching a dog, "Adho Mukha Shvanasana"

With yoga to the desired figure - is it possible? 3

Strengthens hands and shoulders: The dog looking down. © soul_studio /

This is how it works: From the quadrangular arms, the shoulder width and the stable position, the feet are in the width of the hook. Take your knees off the floor and push the pelvis far ahead while your arms and legs do not stretch long, the butt is the highest point. Relax head and neck, bottom heel.

It brings: The dog looking down is not only great to breathe between fatigue asanas, but also extends her legs perfectly. In addition, both shoulders and arms are strengthened.

4. Board, "Chaturanga Dandasana"

With yoga to the desired figure - is it possible? 4

Powerful for Core: Board. © soul_studio /

This is how it works: Push-up position, fingers are placed, legs stretched so the body forms a straight line. The hands are under the shoulders. Pull the shoulder blades and pull the heels. Hold.

It brings: The board slip perfectly straight from the dog. Who keeps the position longer, not only training his legs and arms, but also strengthening his midfield. Abdominal muscles olé! If you want to further promote your Abs, you can change it by lifting your feet.

5. Ship, "Navasana"

With yoga to the desired figure - is it possible? 5

Hull stability: ship. © soul_studio /

This is how it works: Sit with your bent knees and the upper part of your body straight back, so your feet are slightly raised. Keep your feet closed and stretched out. Shut your chest and keep the balance.

It brings: Core, core, core! The ship is the real abdominal muscle generator. Anyone who keeps the exercise long or is integrating several times will soon enjoy well defined abdominal muscles. Because of lightweight yoga – strong muscles are built here!

Bellyflow – with the right to the desired figure

Do not you just try to do it yourself? As I said, in Yogaeasy there is a new program entitled "Flow of the Tummy Leg". The ten-day program aims not only for mental strengthening, but also for physical attachment, helps build strength and endurance with the help of yoga exercises. Sonia Taylor Bach developed the flow and explained what was special about the program.

The flow of the abdominal leg is a Yoga high intensity course that combines super-intense yoga sequences with relaxation exercises. The flow is very strong and therefore perfectly suited for the stimulation of the abdominal muscles.

Between 15 and 30 minutes, asanas bind together. Between the stress phase there are always stages of recreation and relaxation. Exercise for the head and body.

Taylor Bach recommends a previous experience with Vinyas Yoga and "health and patience". Because: Some movements deviate from classical, more conventional yoga and therefore may not be known. In general, the yoga teacher advises you to go as far as you can. And do not be so strict to yourself!

Who should not run the stomach-leg?

The program is suitable for any healthy person without physical restraint. An important exception: pregnant women. "Because the program is very sketchy, I recommend pregnant women to other yoga programs." Otherwise, the program can be run by anyone who has no health problems or injuries such as acute problems with the knee or herniated discs.

3 "Tummy Flow" –Imitation exercises

With yoga to the desired figure - is it possible? 6

It gives the strength of the abdominal muscles! © Yoga easy

Move 1: Hold your hands horizontally to raise the sacrum. Hold 8 breaths and push your legs forward one after the other. Straight abdominal muscles are reinforced here.

With yoga to the desired figure - is it possible? 7

Strengthen your legs and butt! © Yoga easy

Move 2: This exercise is almost like Hanumanasana, a rank of balance. Here you are practicing this asan modified and go only 50 percent pure. This strengthens the muscles of the leg and the buttocks which are stretched at the same time. Important: Then wrap your wrists!

With yoga to the desired figure - is it possible? 8

Great for the belly of the abdominal muscles! © Yoga easy

Move 3: This exercise activates the thigh abdominal muscle. Strengthen the side muscles by sliding the hand side to the extended leg and fully lifting the shoulders.

Of course, yoga still primarily serves to relax and move the body. But it is also possible to better shape the body through special exercises. If this is your goal, try it!