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4 tips on how sunscreen will last until next year

4 tips on how sunscreen will last until next year

How long does the sunscreen last?

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This is a question that is being asked every summer: can we still use the sunscreen we bought last year? After all, very few people manage to use the whole bottle in a summer. The answer is basically that. If color and texture have not changed, the sunscreen should provide adequate protection. Grumpy scents, scraps and has funny colors come – rather buy a new one. Here we have detailed about this. If you still want to use the rest of the sun cream next year, you should consider some simple tricks that you do not want to deprive of course.

1. Hold a sun-spraying cream

It is known that germs and bacteria reduce the lifespan. Therefore, before closing, be sure to remove the residues and hold the pipe without sand, soil or other crumbs. It is best to open the opening with a clean towel before closing the bottle.

2. Do not store sunscreen and sprays in the heat

Heat significantly reduces durability. Therefore, if possible, save the sunscreen. It is best to bring a mini cooler, not just to store drinks inside. In case of emergency, simply store it under the deck chair or in the shade.

3. Keep it in the basement or refrigerator during the cold months

Cold and dark warehouses greatly extend the life of cosmetics. This also applies to sun protection. Therefore: Quiet during winter, put in a refrigerator or in a basement. In the warm bath the sunscreen has lost nothing.

4. Close the tube!

Last but not least: Always close the bottles and tubes. Oxygen changes the ingredients of cosmetics faster than we would like.
If you keep a good sunbath and treat hygiene, it may take several years.