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Defend Demi Lovato against the body shield

Demi Lovato fought against the troy who offered her a "diet plan". The 26-year-old singer is well-known because she is openly speaking against the body's embarrassment, and this week described her as a "super sweet", who asked her to send a private message to social media to help her draw up a diet plan.

Defend Demi Lovato against the body shield

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The devotee, who in the meantime erased his Instagram account, released a paparazzi recording of an abandoned gym and wrote: "Hey Demi, send me a private message so we can talk about the diet plan for you.

When Lovato discovered this post, she commented: "Actually, I decided not to feed and not go back to unhealthy behavior that puts me in danger of losing my mind or mental health, but thanks for the offer!" The singer was long open in her fight with weight and had previously fought with eating disorder after her body did not fit.

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"I'm not angry"

Only in March, Demi fought against the title of her "full" body, saying "more" than her weight. She wrote on social media: "Unlike the past, I do not encourage, I'm not upset that someone has written the title of my" full figure. "I'm upset that people think it's ok to post titles on the body shape.

Singer & # 39; Confidential & # 39; She also previously defended her music colleague Bebe Rex, described by Troll as "rounded".