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Evangelical kindergarten in Fürstenau supports "smart boys"

Fuerstenau. The project "Smart Boys" in the Protestant Nursery St. Georg in Fürstenau came to an end. The participants were happy for the certificate. Educators Jan Sempt and Simon Hausfeld reinforced the confidence of the boys involved in this successful project.

When he handed over the certificate, Jan Sempt talked about the project and idea for him. There are numerous projects for girls, projects that strengthen their confidence and direct them to correcting behaviors in confrontational situations. For boys, however, there are virtually no matching bids. "Boys have fallen aside," says Jan Sempt. That's why the Smart Guys – Whole Guys project was developed.

Always at the beginning of the session was a welcoming ritual with the applause "I'm glad you're there." It has already clearly shown that all the boys are taken. It started a warm-up game. But it has always had to be fair, this is emphasized by two pedagogues. Questions and answers for games required the necessity of seriousness. And gradually the boys became more confident; their behavior towards friends and pedagogues.

The end is over!

They learned in a sports fight that did not even squeeze or beat. However, suppressing and pulling out of the drawer is consistent with the rules. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the situation. What is a game, what is serious and how to recognize the situation? Again, boys can do it now. And they also know: closing means closing. They were also team games. And by the way, the boys learned: loss is also part of it. And when time expires, there is a farewell ceremony that can be compared with the ritual of congratulations: "It's great to be there."

Thanks to the Social Welfare Office for Youth to Provide Funds, as well as to the Parents for Confidence and Nursing, Jan Sempt ended. He said clearly: the guys developed positively. Then there were medals, gifts and certificates. It said, "You spent ten weeks with us and learned a lot about your co-operation, we hope you will be able to use many learned rules in the future, and always be honest with other people." Children grew up in ten weeks; not just physically and internally, "the director of the kindergarten Astrid Dennig was happy about the successful project. He hopes to offer it again.