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Hyaluron: So the active ingredient from the middle 20 is essential for your skin

Hyaluronic is gelatinous and transparent liquidthis is an important part of ours connective tissue presents. It can bind up to six gallons of water per gram of dead weight. In short, it makes our skin smooth, firm and shiny.

How does Hyaluron work?

The active ingredient Aufpolsterde acts as Fill & # 39; er between collagen fibersSay: Hyaluron fills the skin inside and works against mimic wrinkles and dry skin.

When should I start using Hyaluron?

From our 25 years, our organism catches Hyaluronspeicher to be emptied. consequences: tension the skin of the spatula, the small wrinkles and the skin no longer has natural glow. From 40 years our hyaluronic warehouse is almost empty and must be recharged from the outside or inside fold oppose.

What is Hyaluron Pen?

During our research, we have consistently encountered the term "Hyaluronic pencil". Fill your lips without a syringe with a slogan. With Hyaluron Pen you can make lip correction without worrying about shooting. In the cosmetic salon you can get it Loading the lips subjected to a hyaluronic pencil. Price: about 100 euros per 0.5 milliliters of hyaluronic acid. At speeds of up to 800 km / h, cross-linked hyaluronic acid was introduced under the skin of the lips. According to the user, at that time you will hardly feel the drilling pain, Almost too good to be true!

Hyaluronic acid for the face: the best hyaluronic serum

Hyaluron as a serum should be applied to the cleaned face at least once a day. Quickly absorbs and softens the skin IMMEDIATELY from the inside. After that, a care cream can be applied. When it comes to hyaluronic care, we rely on Hyaluron Ojes ampules. Serum quickly absorbs and leaves behind no sticky film on the skin! The price and performance ratio is very fair. In our opinion, Ojevi ampoules are currently the best in the market. Try!