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Imagine the Fashion Week

You've seen the flash of Celebri X, the astonishing mini-hero Celebrity Y, and even the new guy Celebrity Z (football star!) Who was walking in front of the camera lens.

And you. Can. Here. Not. A lots of! Nothing! Horror.

At the Fashion Week in Berlin yesterday there was no talk in which Instagram the current not a topic. Happy is who it takes with humor.

Riccardo Simonetti It turned out to be all over again, laughing out with a little tongue on his Instagram page, and wrote: "My mood when Instagram was shut down and I thought I was the only one without Instagram – so I deleted the application and took over again 17382638 times" ( my mood when Instagram was shut down and I thought I was the only one without the Instagram, so I deleted the application and downloaded 17382638 times. "

Actress and manager Annabelle Mandeng, who ran for Rebecca Ruétz on the fashion track, slowly announced it a day later: "After yesterday's disappearance of Instagram what happened yesterday!" A lots of! "- follows a summary of what he experienced during the day.

Make-up artist Nicky (nickys.tale) replied to Simonetti's post, saying it was funny: "You love it!" Haha, that was certainly the predetermined for all the small end of the world yesterday … I mean … no one could see what dinner was .

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Of course, you can also see this positively. blogger Nina Schwichtenberg (322,000 subscribers) viewed the diet in social media and the social trend of JOMO (the joy of passing, the joy of losing something) – their advice: "It may help one or the other, Instagram consciously consume and feel good again."

Blogger holds it alike Marie of Benetton (228,000 subscribers), who after visiting a friend, said: "The personal hug is incomparable with sharing WhatsApp, Skype & Co."

But how about bloggers and influeners who earn their money on social media posts when they can not publish anything? Do you have the right to sue for your failure?

Not! Employment Attorney in Düsseldorf Udo cousin explains: Services such as Facebook and Instagram are free, so it is difficult to enforce court claims. This is different from websites and blogs because you have a contract with an Internet service provider (such as the Layer) and you pay for it. The freedoms, according to Vetter, "often work under time pressure. If in the wrong time the line does not stand for a long time, this can lead to noticeable loss of sales. Basically, the Internet Provider can also be responsible for compensation. "(Sb)