Lose weight? Wrong! You are gaining from these supposedly healthy eating products 2

Lose weight? Wrong! You are gaining from these supposedly healthy eating products

Weight Loss is Easier: According to the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung analysis, every fourth German regularly consumes dietary products, from light lemonade without sugar to semi-margarine margarine. Unfortunately, not all of these medicines have kept their promises, so enthusiastic about the label – sometimes they are even counterproductive. We found five of these supposedly healthy products, which in the long run are not thin, but make them even thicker.

Weight Loss: These food products make you fat

1. Light limos

To have a drink with a zero amount of calories is fat, at first glance it sounds incredible. Science doubts, however, that light lemonade just arouses the desire for sugar. Because of the sweet taste (synthetic sweetener aspartame is 200 times lower than normal sugar), our body expects much of the calories and sugars – the blood sugar levels rise and the pancreas increasingly releases the insulin hormone for processing preparation. But because the sugar bomb never reaches, the body responds to the desire for "real" calories. If the level of insulin remains steadily elevated by regular consumption, fat burning can also be aggravated. Researchers from the University of Texas have found in a study of 700 subjects that limos increases the size of the abdomen. Scientists assume that artificial sweeteners redistribute body fat in such a way that it is stored more and more around the internal organs in the middle of the body. This visceral fat not only makes fat but is also harmful to your health. Increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

2. Food Reduced Fat

It seems that products that are reduced from the supermarket's fat – like yogurt and dairy drinks – are optimally supplementing the diet. But even these "light" foods are among the traitor's calorie traps. Reason: To compensate for the lack of aroma carrier fat, many fat-reduced products are enriched with an increased amount of refined sugar or salt. It not only attacks the liver with regular consumption and stimulates water retention but also leads to obesity through hidden calories. Products that reduce fat are very saturated, which stimulates appetite for more. In this way, you quickly absorb more calories than you need.

3. protein shakes

Protein sharks are basically not bad: they can support muscle growth and balanced nutrition. However, misused, they quickly become a fad. Accordingly, products rich in artificial flavors, dyes or sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartam are as unhealthy as juices in the diet. They chew the body with its sweet taste, a large amount of sugar and calories, to which we respond to craving. You must not forget that proteins also contain calories. Though the nutrient basically promotes weight loss, if it is too much and thus exceeds the daily caloric requirement, it leads to weight gain. The University of Sydney research has shown that increased amino acid input, leucine and isoleucine contained in protein chips has side effects. It encourages getting on weight and causing sleep disorders. However, adequate sleep is indispensable for a slim body.

4. Sports drinks

Isotonic sports drinks are often sold as healthy. However, they are developed for athletes who are intensely trained – but unfortunately they are not suitable for losing weight. On the contrary, such drinks usually contain a large amount of sugar and calories, because athletes need to give new energy. Anyone who wants to lose weight and does not train for a marathon should better avoid the allegedly healthy refreshment that is often offered in the gym.

5. Diet margarine

Another weight loss product that often ends up in grocery stores is a diet margarine. Additionally, fat should be stored because the alternative only comes to a fat of 40 percent. For comparison: butter and margarine are counted at 100 grams of about 80 grams of fat. Sounds like a perfect supplement for conscious nutrition? But only if you eat margarine in moderate amounts. The butter replacement may contain trans fat (= hardened fat produced during production), which, according to the Wake Forest University's long-term study, promotes the development of abdominal fat. Not only does it provide a typical "rescue belt" in the waist, but can also endanger health through tissue signaling. Abdominal fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders.

Conclusion: Better in a balanced diet than in dietary products

The diet produces you stimulate with healthy benefits that will help you lose weight. But many of us have hurt us more than they were really useful. Synthetic additives that confuse our bodies, harmful fatty acids or hidden sugars – you should never forget the ingredients when purchasing such products. We therefore advise you to use them sparingly and to focus more on balanced, light and fresh diets. For whether yogurt with normal fat content, vegetable oil instead of margarine or freshly squeezed juice instead of light drinks – ordinary foods can contain more calories or fat at first glance, but provide your body with valuable vitamins, satire and satisfy us completely, and precisely you the differences will ultimately promote your success in dieting.