Proper coughing ensures fast recovery 2

Proper coughing ensures fast recovery

Cough is a painful symptom of respiratory infections. Proper coughing technique ensures faster recovery and less chest pain during illness.

Everybody can cuddle, do not they?

Actually coughing can not be so difficult. However, many doctors report patients who cough very heavily. There are two different forms of cough, which must be different "torture": on the one hand, there is a productive cough. This cough dries the mucus from the bronze and can cure. But there is also an unproductive cough, often called dry cough or dry cough. While at the beginning of a flu or cold is usually an irritated cough, it continues in the later course of the disease, productive coughing. Therefore, cough disease should be appropriate.

Correct cough cough

Experts recommend a gentle approach to the unproductive cough. Anyone trying to exhale the mucous membrane of the lungs is irritating the diaphragm and bronchi. The cough then becomes more and more painful, chest pain then tortures the patients. It is better to swallow your cheeks with dry cough and cough in your sleeves or elbows (coughing or knocking increases your risk of other people's infection!). This type of cough causes a small blockage of air reaching to the bronchi. As a result, the air bubbles in the lungs collide with each other less irritating to the lungs. The cough is effectively alleviated, but there is no cough.

Productive cough: Get out of the mucus!

However, if the cough is productive, the mucus has to come out of the bronchi. Mass cough is no longer sufficient to provide relief. If you have a partner, then he can help you with coughing: Simply each side several times refuses the mucus in the bronchi, it can be easily cured. Also, hot drinks (not hot!) Drinks are good: the esophagus runs along the slurry and acts as a wrap for warming the irritated airways. It slightly relieves the pain in the cough. It is also useful to swallow the mucus: the more watertight it is, the easier it is to use it. Inhaling bronchial waxes, hardening with lightly salted water gives a similar effect. Additionally, it makes sense not to allow the air in the room to become dry. Whenever possible, avoid heating the air or moisten the water container on the heater.

Proper breathing can reduce the cough

By the way, coughing is often caused by the wrong breathing technique. Instead of slowly breathing deeply, many breathe just superficially and quickly. This is just an initial relief. The shallow breathing ensures that the bronchi are held together and that the mucus attaches even more. Whether it is dry cough or productive cough: deep and stable breathing will help your type to improve your symptoms.


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