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Retired Chief Medical Officer of Scivias St. Hospital Valentinus

Joachim Röschke was the chief physician for 17 years. Photo: Birgitt Wagner

Joachim Röschke was the chief physician for 17 years.
Photo: Birgitt Wagner

CITY / BATH SODEN – (red). "Over the years they proved to be persistent, capable of conflict and rhetorically talented." Peter Römer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Scivias Caritas GmbH, described these words by the Chief Medical Officer of the Scivias St. Hospital. Valentinus Joachima Röschkea. After 17 years, the head of the psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and psychosomatic clinic at the Kiedrich and Bad Soden sites retired during the symposium.

Since 2002, Röschke has systematically expanded the medical capacities of psychiatric hospitals and puts their work in the service of entrusted patients, training and further education of younger doctors and continuous development of clinics. When Röschke took office in 2002, according to Römer, it was a bit of time. "Immediately before work began, there were problems with hospitals planning, as the Ministry of Social Affairs restructured psychiatric care in Main-Taunus County." To make community psychiatry, Kiedrich beds had to move to the neighboring district.

"But we did not have land, money, buildings," Römer said. In long negotiations, Röschke was a great supporter. Finally, the then foundation of St. Valentinushaus bought the former Rehaklink in Bad Soden and turned it into a hospital. "The Bad Soden Clinic has now been established for 17 years and is successfully doing it." He was considered by doctors, authorities, and patients. That was the merit of Röschke. The place Kiedrich was extended to the third station, and since 2016, the planned beds at the Kiedrich location were assigned to the Bad Soden hospital. "So, that's a two-seat hospice."

Cap as a farewell gift for fans of Mainz 05

Röschke also promoted material business, Römer said and called for a new PEPP reward system. He worked successfully and enjoyed a great reputation in the home among employees, in medical care, care and management, and beyond. On the extraordinary basis between Röschke and him was the commercial director, Wolfgang Brugger, and "We are both fans of Mainz 05". His farewell gift related to the football passion of the chief physician. "If I think of you as a pensioner, who will now have time to go to the stadium, I remain as a precautionary measure and care only for one measure: the gate of Mainz 05."