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The helmet is also required with a turban

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The Sikha trailer wants to ride a motorcycle with a traditional head. After years back and forth there is now a federal court

The helmet is also required with a turban 2

Turban wearing Sikh (r) complained because he wanted to be relieved of the duty of a helmet on a motorcycle for religious reasons.

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Leipzig. For religious reasons, the Sikha trailer does not want to remove the turban when driving a motorcycle – but the prescribed helmet does not match. The man complained to the Federal Administrative Court – and he lost. The federal court ruled in Leipzig on duty on the helm (Az .: BVerwG 3 C 24.17). But there is another opportunity for an exception to a man.


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"Whoever wears a turban for religious reasons is for this reason not excluded from wearing a helmet," said Judge Renate Philipp. Although the duty can affect Sikov's freedom of religion, it does not prevent him from gaining his faith. "The requirement to release a helmet obligation can best be there if we can not expect a waiver of motorcycle driving," said Philipp. The Sikh Slayer, who runs the Yoga Concert Studio website, has a driver's license and has a van.

The helmet is also required with a turban 3

So a man wanted to drive a motorcycle in Germany – without a helmet. However, the Federal Administrative Court rejected the exception.

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The Federal Administrative Court followed the judgment of the lower courts. Helmets will more often provide first aid or emergency assistance after an accident. "We need a helmet, because we do not want these serious accidents," Philipp said during the trial.

In addition, doctors and caretakers at the accident site may be traumatized by severe or even fatal injuries that occur more often without a hard hat. "I'm also with voluntary firefighters because you have to stop when it's burning," said Sylvester Kraemer, lawyer Sikha. "It is not possible to limit the freedom of my client's faith so fiercely," he said, thinking of the possible trauma of those involved in the accident.

The city of Constanta rejected the Sikh 2013 exemption. However, the discretionary practice of the city of Constanza was defective, the Administrative Court (VGH) Baden-Württemberg. The VGH has obliged the city to retake the request. Following the verdict of the audit court, this examination is now underway, a representative of the city of Constanta said on Thursday in Leipzig. By the decision of the city, Sikh could still get an exemption.

Significantly more followers of Sikh religion live in Britain than in Germany. They were exempted from wearing a helmet since 1988 when they carried the engine on engines. This also applies to construction sites and other jobs. They just have to wear a helmet when there is an increased risk, for example for firefighters in a burning building. According to the statistics office, nearly 405,000 Sikh followers lived last year in the UK.

In the opinion of the religious scholars and Sikhs, expert Robert Stephanus lives in Germany between 18,000 and 20,000 followers of the Sikhist religion, but not all of them are baptized. In Germany there are about 40 Sikh temples. After baptism, Sikh pledged, among other things, to wear unbroken hair – tied to the turban. "Women sometimes put a towel over their hair," Stephanus said. Not all followers of the Sikh religion were baptized, a religious scholar emphasized. Also because it included obligations such as carrying turbans.

A court spokesperson ordered the other holders of religious licenses to influence. Headbands or kippahs did not rule out a motorcycle helmet as opposed to a turban. (AP)