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Antibiotics: pharmacists in Dinslaken, Voerde and Hünxe give valuable advice

Antibiotics are drugs that kill or inhibit bacterial growth. Their use can be used to treat serious illnesses that were once fatal. However, if antibiotics are not taken appropriately, the bacteria may become insensitive or resistant to these drugs. Increasing antibiotic resistance is a threatening development.

In Europe, 33,000 people die from multiple drug-resistant bacteria a year. It wasn’t until January this year that the World Health Organization (WHO) declared antibiotic resistance to one of the biggest health threats in the world. Responsible use of antibiotics requires a lot of information. Therefore, pharmacists in Dinslaken, Voerde and Hünxe personally and specifically advise the proper treatment of these important and sometimes life-saving medicines.

Great health hazard

The bacteria survived. They reproduce rapidly and change their genetic material frequently. "As a result, a slightly different bacterium suddenly stops responding to a particular antibiotic. It survives, multiplies and is passed on," explains Werner Heuking, spokesman for pharmacists in Dinslaken, Voerde and Hünxe. Such resistance can occur if antibiotics are used too often or intake stopped too soon. It is important to know that humans are not bacterial resistant, but bacteria.
Not only can they become resistant to a particular antibiotic, but also several different antibiotics. They are called multi-resistant microbes. "Classic antibiotics" no longer work against these germs. Increasingly, so-called "backup antibiotics" must be used. At worst, even these don't work anymore. "Through informed and responsible use of antibiotics, resistance can be avoided. Each patient can do a lot to ensure that our antibiotics remain effective in the future, ”says pharmacist Werner Heuking.

Take only as directed by your doctor

To avoid resistance, antibiotics should only be used as directed by your doctor. Both at the dose prescribed by the doctor and at the period specified by the doctor. Antibiotics should not be used in viral infections.

Werner Heuking Pharmacy advises prevention: "If you are not infected, you do not need antibiotics. Thoroughly wash your hands several times a day, sneeze or cough in your groin and use disposable wipes. Ventilate the enclosure regularly."

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