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"Celebrity Shopping Queen" on TV and Live Today: This is How You See Your Documents

11.08.2019, 23.50 h

The queen of celebrities in VOX

The queen of celebrities in VOX Image: VOX, uploaded by FUNKE program magazines

8/11/2019 on TV was Dokusoap "Celebrity Shopping Queen". All the information about repeating "Motto in Berlin and Düsseldorf: either front, back or side – show skin with a refined neckline!" online and on TV read here.

On 8/11/2019 at 8:15 pm the clock "Queen of Famous Customers" was shown on TV. You missed Dokusoap on Vox and want to watch episode 60 ("Motto in Berlin and Düsseldorf: Do you front, rear or side – show off your skin with a refined neckline!") Still? Check out the Vox TV Library now. There you will find numerous TV broadcasts after the broadcast and still online as video on demand. Unfortunately, for now, it will not be repeated on Vox on TV.

"Celebrity Shopping Queen" on TV: That's what this is about

Guido Maria Kretschmer wants to look deeply. For three celebrity ladies this time a cutout is desirable. For Barbara, who always prefers natural style, Guido wants a sexy back with a deep neckline and glamorous make-up. As a designer, Barbara really has enough fashion for herself. Will she solve the problem problem? (Text: Vox, uploaded by FUNKE magazines)

Guido Maria Kretschmer is the secret star of the stylistic documentary Shopping Queen of Fame

"Celebrity Shopping Queen" is a section of the conventional show "Shopping Queen" and, by contrast, has prominent candidates. Four celebrities have a low budget within four hours to buy the right clothes – and styling – and put it on. Competitors evaluate the clothing of other participants and award points for each category. The candidate with the best styling and thus the most points wins and gets the title "Celebrity Shopping Queen". Winners' prize money will be donated to charities.

All information about repeating "Celebrity Shopping Queen" on TV in brief

coming up: 60

theme: Motto in Berlin and Düsseldorf: Whether front, back or side – show skin with a refined neckline!

in: Vox (repeat online)

year of manufacture: 2018

In HD: Yes

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