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Cologne II with millions of connections in Essen

On Sunday, he is in the regional league West at the table. From 2pm Rot-Weiss Essen plays against 1st FC Cologne II.

Both teams have a white ball after two days of play. Cologne U21 defeated Kelle and Fortuna and Bergisch Gladbach. Essen won against Dortmund II and promoted VfB Homberg. Accordingly, it will be full of harbor travel. Nearly 10,000 viewers are expected. With Rödinghausen in the cup in action, the winner of the game after the weekend is being greeted from the top.

RWE enters the game with confidence. But Cologne will not hide. Especially as far as the line is concerned. Because in the middle of Billy the goats stand with Salih Özcan and Niklas Hauptmann two strokes, each with a market value of two million euros.

Hauptmann was in action a week ago against Bergisch Gladbach. In the 3-0 match, he immediately met twice. Özcan received the most awards for juniors in Germany. In 2017, along with footballer Jan Feldkamp of SGS Essen and Jann-Fiete Arp of Hamburger SV, he received the Fritz Walter Gold Medal from the German Football Federation (DFB).

He is now playing in the fourth league, because after promotion of the de Bundesliga, FC no longer plans with him. Özcan, a contract until 2020, should be sold. The change in Hanover 96 is in the room. Hauptmann, who arrived from Dinamo Dresden just a year ago, needs to borrow.

So run RWE and Cologne

RWE: Lenz – Heber, Hahn, Kehl-Gomez, Grund – Grote – Endres, Dahmani, Condé, Kefkir – Platzek

At Essen Bank: Golz, Heart Breaking, Wallquist, Dorow, Villages, Bichler, Adetula

Cologne: Scott – Rittmuller, Sechelmann, Laux, Schlax – Nottbeck, Ozcan, Hauptmann, Petermann – Boakye, Schmitt

At the Cologne Bank: Krahl, Richter, Brackelmann, Geimer, Caliskaner, Musculus, Ghawilu