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Day 3 of "Celebrity Big Brother" at Liveticker Today's beauty tips from "Sweet" Zlatko

Don't forget about your back thighs, back and butt – DSDS star Joey Heindle, 26, first noticed it in the third episode of "Celebrity Big Brother 2019" which means shaving his entire body. How did he even think? According to "Big Brother" legend Zlatko "Slađa" Trpkovski (43)!

He unpacked his beauty tricks:

After another talk about beauty in the hot tub of a luxury campsite (Joey: "You have such a pretty face."), The two had to, but now split up again: Much to their surprise, the Golden Audience chose to go back to the marquee tent camp!

New to the luxury camp are influencer Janine Pink (32) and "Island of Love" participant Tobi Wegener (26). The two have already shone through in the first two episodes of the season – how it goes on in more comfortable beds remains exciting.

Youtuber Chris, 32, didn't make much friends in the third show. Having already withdrawn Zlatko ("No one knows him!"), He is now very much looking forward to a really loyal soul to Joey. Reason: Joey is an actor in his eyes! He first said he didn't want to go to a luxury camp – but then he was happy when he moved there.

A little jealous of luxury, campers are probably everyone.

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And Zlatko? He again made a deal with Jürgen Milsky (55)! After participating in "Big Brother" in 2000, the two stood together on stage several times (including "Big Brother"), but it was all FAKE – not even a real friendship.

All the other top features of the show are here – in the big TILK "Celebrity Big Brother" live!

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  1. Extra shower scene!

    That's it for today! So the wait time until the next broadcast is not too long, there are extra scenes of showering from who knows it!

  2. First greet the stuffed animal, please.

    Idea: Maybe Herbert (Themesian toy) will be chosen next time at a luxury camp. Without Theresa.

  3. … and Zlatko must return to camp!

    Joey: "I'll never forget you." Hach.

  4. Janine and Tobi together in a luxury camp

    After Jana's ovulation announcement, we are now expecting MANY!

  5. Golden super body!

    Zlatko by the way shocks the other residents!


    Ha – even luxury camp residents want a love story between Janine and Toby. The two of them can move to a luxury camp together!

  7. The case for Trovato-Jürgen!

    Now we know why a TV detective is at camp …


    Did you also notice that Chris smuggled grapes from the supermarket? He did not buy them but put them in his cart after the chaos broke !!!

  9. Pasta, noodles, pasta

    Who needs something other than pasta – with ketchup? There is nothing like a balanced diet.

  10. Chris goes shopping …

    If it doesn't work now, it's really in decline. And why is he wearing only this ridiculous robe?

  11. No extra money to buy today

    Unfortunately, Janine and Tobi failed in the shower. Now residents have only nine euros for today's shopping.

  12. Just look, don't smell!

    Fish water, red wine and soy sauce – as well as we can't feel anything through the TV. The two of them can be really good!

  13. "Tobi, take off your clothes!"

    That's what moderator Jochen Schropp always wanted to say. It's not like the two of them end up in the shower together.

  14. Janine and Tobi together. in continuation. BiH. Shower!


  15. Who wouldn't want to have Joey as a friend?

    Joey Zlatku: "You have a really nice face too."

  16. Bro-talk in the Jacuzzi

    Will that male friendship between Joey and Zlatko go so far as to get a friendship tattoo soon?

  17. When the neighbors have a barbecue …

    How to always be jealous when neighbors barbecue. Janine at camp: "Son of Stückschen Stäik would be nice."

  18. column Marie von den Benken!

    You must not miss it!
    Here is episode 1!
    And here is episode 2!

  19. Little Zlatko in between again!

    Zlatko about his time with Jürgen Milsky

  20. Eva: "My uncle is the funniest man there is."

    Chris in Mind: The challenge has been accepted.

  21. Aren't we all a little like Joey?

    Shaving is not easy …

  22. There they are! Beauty Tips Zlatko!

    Once shave everywhere, even on your butt. Los Joey, let's go!

    What does his girlfriend think?


    They Turtle, Moan, and Massage: Youtube Chris and Instagram Eva – That almost doesn't fit. Is this really real?

  24. Almklausi about his early childhood

    "He weighed only 900 grams. Do you know how big it is? Then three months of intensive care, eight hours each day. But everything went well. That fooled me and my wife."

  25. An insight into luxury camp

    … and everyone in the camp: What can I do to get elected there?

  26. On the camp bow!

    A real delicacy. But they could buy something else. The residents probably didn't think so …

  27. The door to cellulite is over – isn't it?

    Jürgen apologized – Ginger is fine with that. But after the camp, Ginger's husband, Bert Wollersheim, will certainly wait for Jürgen and talk first with plain text.

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    Photo: SAT.1

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    Photo: SAT.1
  28. Hello Zlatko's mom at this point!

  29. Of course it was already in the picture.

  30. When will Jürgen arrive?

    Zlatko spends his time with Jürgen: "Everything was false." So there was no "big brother"? IS IT ALL FAKE?

    SAT.1 – When is Jürgen moving to camp? We want a great discussion!

  31. Oh Joey!

    He patted his shoulder first so he wouldn't get upset. He is a good soul at camp!

  32. Chris no longer likes anyone.

    Chris continues with Joey. Ironically, with the lovely guy Joey. And he doesn't know what's going on around him. Does that have to be?

  33. Partition opens!

    And first everything in camp: OAAAHR! Fridge full of food, bath, comfy sofa! Even Chris has to admit it looks really cool.

  34. Chris: "That's where you have the luxury, here's the interaction."

    If you knew, Chris.

  35. Chris – without a word for more than a minute

    After all of Chris's anger, Big Brother definitely made it, which all the audience hoped for: He fell silent.

  36. "Celebrity Big Brother is what you make of it."

    Now Chris is thoughtful. What could his big brother mean?

  37. It starts again!

    By the way, Joey, Zlatko and psychic Lilo are still in luxury camp.

  38. What awaits us today …

    Zoff on the garden fence – because blasphemy Chris can't keep his mouth shut.
    He gets really emotional again – because Almklausi is talking about his little daughter.
    And of course she'll be sexy again – Joey takes off her clothes today!

  39. Chris Blasphem on Zlatko: "Who knows?"

    Chris asked yesterday about Zlatko's famous …

  40. Zlatko and his old friend Jürgen Milski

    In 2000, they fought together in a "Big Brother" container and then delivered one or the other catchy tune to us ("You're my big brother, you're always there …") – but nothing has been heard since 15 years.

    What does Jürgen Milski say about it – we talked to him!

    <img class = "photo ondemand zoomable" src = "–und-juergen-l–vor-19-jahren-bei-big-brother- 201202780-63904300 / 2, w = 1280, c = 0. picture.jpg "width =" 1280 "alt =" Golden (right) and Jürgen (left) 19 years ago on "Big Brother" "data-zoom- title = "Zlatko (right) and Jürgen (l.) 19 years ago in" Big Brother "

    Photo: action print

    "data-zoom-src ="–und-juergen-l–vor-19-jahren-bei-big-brother-201202780-63904300/Bild/ 2.bild.jpg”/>

    Zlatko (right) and Jürgen (l.) 19 years ago in "Big Brother"Photo: action print

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