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FC St. VfB Lübeck Pauli: "We have nothing to blame"

coach Rolf Landerl: "We planned to prepare the fight for the cup. The boys did a great job. You can't prevent everything. Still, we lead 2-0. I have to criticize that we gave leadership too easily. What happened after 2: 3 deserves a lot of respect. We continued believe it and we managed to find a good chance. Shooting is a matter of luck. It didn't mean to be. But today we carry a huge part of our confidence with us. Our fans were amazing, fair and they hit us forward. We have to bring it with us. would do something and believe it.

Visiting Coach Jos Luhukay: "Lübeck showed a gigantic fight as a regional league for 120 minutes and made an incredibly difficult life for us. Shooting penalties is always a matter of luck. We are glad to have progressed in one round. It has cost a lot of energy. We have shown incredible diligence and dedication. . "

FC St. VfB Lübeck Pauli: The best pictures

VfB Lübeck players stand after a defeat in front of their own fan block in a poplar curve.


Tim Weissmann: "That's tough. I miss the words. We had a great fight within 120 minutes. It was so close. Madness. We can be proud of what we delivered. It hurts. Everything was fine. We wanted to to make Pokalcrims. That was true. After 3: 3, we can only think that it can come out positive for us. Shooting penalties is a lottery. "

Captain YesNiel Halke: "We deserved the win. Madness, what was going on here Great respect for the team and the fans. We lacked five minutes of cleverness. We got two goals against 1: 2 and 2: 2 too fast. That can't happen. We have to stay calm. The mood in the stadium was pure goose. The penalties are lotteries. I can't blame anyone. "

VfB Lübeck: Individual criticisms of the FC St. Cup fight Pauli

Lukas Raeder: The LN sporting sound was already in doubt at that time before the game. The goalkeeper's initial debut came as a surprise though – Landespokalheld Gommert took the bench. Raeder did a good job. Powerless on goals, he could have become a hero on penalties. One ball parried and the other slipped barely under his arm.


Ahmet Arslan: "I don't think we have anything to blame ourselves for. Thanks to the extraordinary mentality, we came back after 2: 3. That hurts twice, so I exclude. We deserved to go one lap further. I know everyone is behind. I wanted to hit the ball with a penalty below I don't usually happen to be a risk taker. I'm usually a sure penalty performer. Our sports director Stefan Schnoor and coach Rolf Landerl came straight to me and restored me. No matter what other division will come here in the future, he will have a problem against us. "

Sven Mende: "It was an extraordinary game for the whole team. They were all behind us. We deserved to win. It was a clear punishment for my injuries. But we came back great. St. Pauli could not be released. Too bad we couldn't hold it anymore. 2: 0. You can't blame anyone for the penalties. On the contrary: we made a great game. If so many fans return to our home games, that would be great. We are confident in this cup match. "

keeper Lukas Raeder: "Not much was missing. If you get to the penalty spot as a fourth division, you deserve to win. Generally, St. Pauli has an individual quality. But one noticed what costs the opponent had to deny. That is a compliment to me. I always pretend to play. That's my job. Coach took me into the booth before the meeting and told me to play. Benjamin Gommert and I have a good relationship. We get along well. I experienced it differently.

Ex-coach Michael Lorkowski, who previously worked for both clubs, said at halftime, "This is a balanced game. No difference. St. Pauli should be more dominant. In fact, it's scary. VfB Lübeck is extremely competitive. They don't lose the ball. The problem with St. Pauli's is that they don't have a striker. It's a little thin. I wonder if VfB Lübeck will last through. "