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Four Simple Tips to Avoid "Avocado Hands"

Painful Injuries: How to Avoid "Avocado Hand"

Avocados are growing in popularity. Trendy "Superfood" is commonly used as a dip, for example in the form of guacamole, or as a sandwich. Many are injured when cutting and using healthy fruits. Such injuries are often referred to as "avocado hands". The expert explains how to avoid such injuries.

Health risk due to healthy fruit

Although avocado is an extremely healthy fruit, if misused, it can also be a health risk. Since there are bacteria and pesticides on their skin that can enter the meat during the knife cutting, avocados should always be thoroughly washed before preparation. And there is another health threat: cutting and destroying more and more people. Some doctors then talk about an "avocado hand." An expert has some tips on how to avoid such injuries.

Avocado on a cutting board
More and more people get hurt when cutting and digging avocados. The chef explains how to avoid such injuries. (Image: karepa /

Hand injuries have increased

Dr. Sanj Kakar, a surgeon at the prestigious Mayo Clinic (USA), said in a statement that because of the increasing popularity of avocados, he had noticed an increase in hand injuries requiring surgery.

These tips help prevent injuries

Most of these injuries could be avoided using four simple tips, said Jen Welper, a cook at Mayo Clinic's Healthy Living Program.

"Above all, make sure your knife is sharp," the cook says.

Because if the knife is not sharp enough, you have to use more force, which increases the likelihood that something will go wrong.

Tip no. 2: "We want to make sure our avocado is ripe," Welper said. Unripe fruit is much harder to cut.

Tip no. 3 talks about how to properly slice into avocado. You have to slide instead of chopping.

Removal of stone may be the last obstacle. The expert recommends: Using a knife, cut the avocado core, place the knife in the cut, and then rotate the crank so that the core rotates and releases from the pulp.

However, the most important advice a chef can give is to take the time to cut fruits and vegetables. (AD)


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