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Group psychotherapy – win-win-win situation

Group psychotherapy - win-win-win situation 2The state of psychotherapy supply in Germany is uncertain, especially in rural areas. Even the search itself is often arduous; complicated meetings; Please busy phones and answering machines that say you call during business hours. Instead of getting the support they want, many seekers are alone and frustrated during this time. One option to increase more people and worry about waiting is through group therapy.

Group therapy is as effective as individual therapy
Scientific research shows the comparable effectiveness of individual and group psychotherapy. People usually develop their personality and abilities in groups or relationships with others. Therefore, direct group exchange is beneficial for the mentally ill. They receive direct feedback from other members of the group and, under the guidance of a therapist, can interact with people in similar life situations. Experienced group understanding promotes an individual's emotional stability.

The group in the offer so far is not relevant
Despite its many benefits, group psychotherapy has so far hardly played a role in outpatient care. In 2014, only 1.5% of policyholders by law used psychotherapy in the group (Techniker Krankenkasse, 2014). This is mainly because the group offer is not known to the affected.

Cost savings for taxpayers
Extending group psychotherapy would thus have added value for psychotherapy care in Germany. If only 30% of all psychotherapists offered groups, 280,000 additional clients would receive qualified care (8 groups of 6 clients per year).
Psychotherapists can help more patients with less time. In addition, the form of psychotherapy in 2017 strengthens the group as a form of therapy from a financial perspective.
Therefore, the group is a win-win for mercenaries, psychotherapists and especially for the sick – almost a win-win situation for everyone! – A group simply organized
The task, therefore, is to introduce group psychotherapy to the actors and facilitate them in organizing the offer. The website creates a digital solution. supports the mentally ill in finding a group – and supports psychotherapists in the organization.
Psychotherapists may place their group offerings on a group site. They mark group meetings, vacancies and all waiting times. Finding proximity to search engines makes it easy to find group deals in your area and when everything is in contact with one another. Time calls during therapy and free seats were omitted on both sides.

Group psychotherapy - win-win-win situation 3

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