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Growth Delusion: Wealth, poverty and the well-being of nations completed
A provocative critique of the piety and error of our obsession with economic growth We live in a society where a priesthood of economists, who have impenetrable mathematical formulas, sets the frame for public debate. Ultimately, economists are setting the agenda for how much we can spend on schools, highways and defense; which determines how much unemployment is acceptable and whether it is right to print money or bail out salaried banks. The contradiction we are witnessing now indicates that people are turning to economists and their flawed representation of our lives. Despite decades of steady economic growth, many citizens feel more pessimistic than ever, voting for candidates who express disdain for the technocratic elite. For a long time, the economy has relied on a language that fails to resonate with people's lived experience, and we are now living with the consequences. In this powerful, forthcoming book, David Pilling delves into the biases and failures of our obsession with economic growth, exploring the alternatives to GDP, from measurements of wealth, equality and sustainability to measures of subjective well-being. The authoritative, provocative and eye-opening, The Growth Delusion offers witty and unexpected insights into how our society can respond to the needs of real people instead of pursuing growth at all costs.