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Hope for Allergists: A cat allergy vaccine is underway!

Outside, the rain calmly slammed against the window, holding a cup of tea in his hand, and a comfortable cat in his lap. A dream of all cat lovers! And a little nightmare for anyone with a cat allergy. But it may be that soon no one has to keep more distance than lovely people, because it is more than a diligently researched vaccine for cat allergy.

Finally cry without a problem!

Researchers at the University Hospital in Zurich have developed a vaccine that addresses a key allergy problem – the I feel 1
Protein. It is found in faeces, in skin cells or even in the saliva of an animal. So if a cat cleans itself, then get it I feel 1
-Wear a coat and then while you caress your allergy sufferers.

When the protein enters the airways, histamine is expelled there to return. This process can lead to allergic symptoms such as redness, watery eyes, allergic rhinitis, sore throat or even asthma. So, the "HypoCat" vaccine is not vaccinated by humans but by animals, because that's how you try I feel 1
For protein neutralization.

The vaccine was tested on 54 cats, and everyone is thought to have developed a type of anti-protein antibody, the clinic said. Because the research was going so well, the vaccine could be available in the next three years.

There is currently no ultimate solution to the problem, although animal hair allergy is, according to the study, the second most common form of allergy in Austria. About 35 percent of allergy sufferers suffer from it. Although this does not appear to be a large group, the allergy symptoms in animals are more immediate and severe than in other allergies.

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