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Hyaluronic acid and retinol: Nicole Kidman swears by this cheap cream

Hollywood stars are certainly investing our monthly salary into skin care: this is probably what most think. For actress Nicole Kidman, however, this seems different. Its moisturizer does not cost 30 euros and is still sworn for its hyaluronan and retinol beauty ingredients.

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She is considered a timeless Hollywood beauty and seems to be a little old in recent years. Despite her 52 years, Nicole Kidman's face barely recognizes wrinkles. As she revealed in an interview with the US edition of Harper's Bazaar, her secret is hidden in constant use of sunscreen and a relatively inexpensive moisture product.

What makes her favorite so special: a combination of the two Retinol and Hyaluron cosmetic agents.

Favorite Nicole Kidman: Neutrogene Cream

"As a woman of rather pale skin tone, I've been using sunscreen since I was a little," the actress said in an interview. In addition, it swears at night with retinol, a form of Vitamin A that helps regenerate skin cells.

"I use Retinol as a night care. I love those Neutrogenic quick wrinkle removal creambecause it works so well, ”Kidman told Harper & # 39; s Bazaar.

The "Fast Wrinkle Removal" Neutrogene series contains not only retinol but also retinol A powerful ingredient in hyaluronic acid, This ensures that the skin binds enough water and is therefore always perfectly supplied with moisture. The wrinkles are filling and the complexion looks rather bulging just like Nicole Kidman.

Cosmetic secret: oral hyaluronan

Although Nicole Kidman is only wearing hyaluronic acid on her skin so far, more and more American ladies are taking capsule or drinking hyaluronic acid among others Kourtney Kardashian (40), Kim's older sister. Thus, the cosmetic ingredient penetrates the skin and provides a fresh, wrinkle-free complexion.

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