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Individual health care is rewarded

If you are contracting private health insurance for your customers, they are opting for a gradual model of efficiency. This personalizes how the application is submitted to you and your wishes. For example, insured persons may already pre-determine the extent of dental benefits or the possibility of a single or double room in the case of an inpatient hospital. Choosing tariffs with an open source catalog, like in Otton, is one of them. But future advances in digital healthcare are challenging for providers and service users as they are often ignored. This is especially true for young policyholders, who regularly raise questionnaires and wish to participate more in the selection of their personal health care services.

It is precisely these new tariffs that are being handled by the digital health insurer Otton First class, In addition to retirement benefits, insured persons can receive up to 360 euros in three years for health promotion benefits. This also includes reimbursement of health applications such as the online birth preparation program Keley or the migraine migraine program. The pension bonus now allows insured people to choose from a wide range of health care applications individually those that are good for their health.

Custom offers for the digital buyer

Especially for young insurers who are at home in the digital world, the choice of individual performance is very well accepted. Buyers of digital otton insurers are regularly asked if they can take advantage of new medical health offerings. Often these are online offers that have been proven to promote your health – including meditation classes or antistress training. With this additional component, Otton's customers who have the highest demands for their insurance receive a first class offer at a first class price.

Insured who's new otton business class ticket also benefit from select internet deals. So you can use the elaborate Keley birth preparation course through the app at their rate. The same applies to the Kaia application for the treatment of low back pain. First-class insureds have access to these offers beyond the retirement allowance.

Provision: Responding to customer preferences

As a young, digital company, Ottonova is constantly working to provide pleasurable experiences to health insurers. Health and prevention should be intuitive in everyday life, not only when symptoms already exist. Therefore, the health insurer offers about his application In addition, the health impulses to keep each day in shape. Specially tailored vaccine or stress management tips offer them the ideal precautions.