Josephine Scriver naked in the spa 2

Josephine Scriver naked in the spa

Victoria's secret model Josephine Skriver let her soul marvel at the Napa Valley spa and was almost completely carefree!

Josephine Skriver joined the Victoria's Secret family six years ago. And in the short term, the 26-year-old was very successful. She has modeled clients such as Gucci, Chanel, Prada and Calvin Klein. And she created a lot on Instagram. There are over 6 million followers there. And they were delighted when beautiful model Victoria & # 39; s Secret posted a nude photo.

Victoria's Secret model Josephine Skriver surprises fans with nude photos

What many didn't know about Victoria's Secret model was that their parents were gay. That's why Josephine Skriver has always been committed to the LGBTQ community. Her family has often encountered misunderstandings in the past, but the 26-year-old is very happy to have grown up in Copenhagen. In their view, the people there have always been very open.

When it comes to her body, Josephine Skriver is also very open. Just recently, the 26-year-old posted a nude photo on Instagram.

Victoria's secret model Josephine Skriver is drawing a blank on Instagram

Josephine Skriver loves to travel with her fiance Alexander DeLeon and also enjoys a bit of luxury. A few days ago, Model Victoria's Secret visited the Napa Valley Spa. She then posted on Instagram a photo of her naked on her massage couch. She wrote: "We had the most amazing, funniest and most exciting weekend in Napa. Thanks @ silveradoresort, for making it possible! I could have died for this massage. But I have to be better at golf!". Fans shouted at her, "Josephine, you are so beautiful. You are a queen, "" You have a beautiful body and a very pretty face "and" You are beautiful.