Meghan Markle: Diet Pills Dizzy! The Duchess Meghan abused 2

Meghan Markle: Diet Pills Dizzy! The Duchess Meghan abused

Meghan Markle has been abused again for advertising diet pills.
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since then Meghan Markle Having an affair with Prince Harry, her life turned 180 degrees. However, becoming a member of the British royal family has its drawbacks as well. Meghan Markle has had to experience it more than once in the last few months. Advertisers are now repeatedly shamelessly using the 38-year-old's reputation.

Meghan Markle Abused! Baby pills that advertise face

In a fake online Keto Weight Loss Campaign, fraudsters display two pictures of a Duchess – allegedly once before and once after pregnancy. They claim that the Duchess of Sussex is obsessed with her weight and that she has finally lost weight with diet pills and lost her excess pregnancy. The thieves didn't even hesitate to put words into the mouth of Prince Harry's wife. "After pregnancy, my body lost shape, but I returned to keto with body tone," the 38-year-old quoted on the website as saying.

The Duchess Meghan takes action against the fraudster

According to Britain's Sunday Mirror, Buckingham Palace is already trying to remove ads. "This is clearly not the true and illegal use of the Duchess for promotional purposes. We will follow our usual course of action," the tabloid royal insider states.

Meghan Markle fell victim to a 2017 scammer

This is not the first time Meghan Markle has been abused by fraudsters like this. In late 2017, the former "Suits" actress had to defend herself against diet scams, Then the German website abused Meghan Markle as a commercial face. The fraudsters claimed that Meghan lost nine pounds in four weeks with certain diet pills. By then, she had already advertised with suspicion of a photo of a former actress.

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