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The woman's finger swelled and blackened after receiving the salon manicure

A woman almost lost her finger after a salon manicure went wrong.

The woman, whose name was not shared, went to a salon in Tuggerah, Australia, where she had previously been without problems.

Upon completion of the filling, the woman noticed that her finger was sore and swollen. The next day, she went to A&E, where she was sent home with antibiotics and a referral to a fracture clinic.

The next day, the woman was taking antibiotics, but she noticed that the swelling and pain were getting worse. A day later, the swelling widened.

When she went to the hospital, the woman was told she had such a severe infection that she needed surgery to eradicate it.

At that time, her finger turned black.

"On Friday morning the contagion pressure increased so much that the finger literally popped out and mud was leaking everywhere," the woman wrote on Facebook.

Fortunately, the surgery went well and the infection was eliminated, but the woman shared her story on Facebook to raise awareness of the risks of salon manicures.

She believes that the infection was due to technicians using the tools without sterilizing them between customers, and warns people to always check that the tools are fresh from the packaging or sterilized immediately before use.

"The whole purpose of this post is to warn others what can happen when their nails are made in nail salons," she wrote. Looking back, I can't remember her hygiene practices being overly good.

"Tools are carried by every nail technician from customer to customer without any signs of sterilization among the customers.

"I wasn't worried about it and thought there would never be anything wrong … until now !!!"

The woman is not the first to suffer from serious infections thanks to dirty manicure appliances.

Earlier this year, Brittany Guyatt of Swindon claimed she was cut by a "sharp" technician while applying acrylic nails.

What started as a bruise quickly developed in the blood vessel. Soon Brittany had unbearable pain.

Her growth extended from her finger by more than an inch and "filled with stinky manure."

When the growth, called granuloma, turned black, Brittany was told she had to undergo surgery or lose part of her finger.

Let's take all this as a lesson to be careful about going to the salon for treatment. Read reviews carefully, take hygiene measures and ratings seriously, and carefully monitor all tools to ensure they are sterilized and cleaned before use.