Water jumpers bring momentum to Olympia - a powerful Hausding 2

Water jumpers bring momentum to Olympia – a powerful Hausding

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A year before the Tokyo Olympics, the German team in Kiev also scored twice, with two titles and a total of eight medals, as it has done since the 2014 European Championships in Berlin. Hausding won gold in team and singles, with a total of fifteen European champions in Ukraine recording four medals. Tina Punzel has also won precious metal four times.

Shortly after the World Cup in South Korea, national coach select Lutz Buschkow showed his overall membership in the European top. Only Russia won more medals. "Our team made a name for itself at the European Championships here in Kiev, so soon after the World Cup," Buschkov said. "In one discipline or another, we have proven that we are among the best in Europe and the world."

On weekends, Hausding was in a synchronized three-meter long jump with Lars Rüdiger silver behind the Russian duel. "We are slowly establishing ourselves with competition stability and have made a lot of competitions with good results this season. It is very positive for Tokyo. It is very good that we have almost jumped to our best result with a lot of reserves," Hausding said of the performance of the newly formed duo.

For the Tokyo World Cup in April, if Hausding / Rüdiger wants to secure an Olympic ticket in this discipline, the two Berliners aspire to a greater degree of difficulty in their program. Rüdiger took the place of the long-injured Stephan Feck at the Hausding site.

Five times Tina Punzel went to the start. The 24-year-old was allowed to finish with silver Lena Hentschel in a three-meter synchronized jump. "I can be very happy with four medals," Punzel said. "She's on vacation now. That was also the first thought: we did it now. I rejoice, no water is jumping for three weeks." Customer reviews were automatically translated from German.

She and Hausding were able to secure German water sprinters at the World Cup in the Olympic starting places in July. More Tokyo tickets are due in April at the Olympia World Cup.

Timo Barthel finished seventh in Kiev with 13-year-old winner Alexei Sered. The young Ukrainian has already caused a stir at the World Cup.

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Tina Punzel (l) and Lena Hentschel

Tina Punzel (l) and Lena Hentschel took silver for the European Championships. Photo by Efrem Lukatsky / AP.