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8 cosmetic tips for women over 40

With each passing year, we become more experienced, mature and develop further. But aging brings with it not only professional and private changes. It also affects our entire body and body. Especially the skin – the largest human organ – needs a lot of attention. Real care and makeup for women over 40 naturally look different from 20-year-olds. The most important beauty tips you should know.

1. Reduce stress

Less stress has a positive effect on your skin. In fact, it looks fresher, wrinkles are less likely, and impurities may develop less. Tip: Special breathing exercises (for example, meditation or yoga) further stimulate oxygen supply and blood circulation and promote a larger complexion. Those who eat a balanced diet now slow down the aging process.

2. Sufficient sun protection

Sun damage is irreparable. UV radiation is dangerous at any age and causes wrinkle number 1. Motto: before and after care. Use a moisturizer with a high enough sun protection factor. Women over 40 should also avoid sunbathing. The direct sun creates unpleasant wrinkles, especially on the face and d├ęcolletage, and promotes pigmentation.

3. Regeneration overnight

The most important beauty tip (for everyone): Sleep. Mature skin needs a lot of strong sleep for skin repair processes. It is best to drink a glass of water before going to bed. This promotes moisture balance inside and promotes regeneration.

4. Use Rouge correctly

For a firmer effect and visually anti-gravity, apply blush to the upper cheeks. This will automatically make you look younger and fresher.

5. Maintain eyebrows

Although eyebrows do not have to be combed too often in old age because hair growth is slowing down, the eye area still needs our attention and care. Make sure that the end of the eyebrow is not too short and draw with an eyebrow pen if necessary.

6. No matte lipstick

Matte lipstick – especially in tinted tones – make your lips look older and narrower and also appear on lips on wrinkles. Don't touch it and prefer glossiereren lipsticks that don't dry out your lips.

7. Use a lipliner

Over the years, tiny wrinkles form on the face – also on and around the mouth. To ensure that lipstick does not run into wrinkles, a lip liner should always be used. Tip: Then powder with powder, then apply lipstick!

8. Put liquid products

Access liquid foundation and creams. Powdered products do not work so well on mature skin, they quickly fade and make you look older. For liquid products, the appearance of the skin is even and adds moisture (dry) to the skin.