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a documentary about food addiction

Feeding is a must for you to survive. Nutrients, proteins and vitamins are a must in the diet. It's almost impossible to go anywhere without looking at something to eat. From ads, to just the everyday environment. Food is a must. But when eaten it goes too far. It is excessively constant to be surrounded by food. Self-control becomes irrelevant. Food is no longer an aspect of survival, but it has become addictive. Which is related to the food craze. The whole object of food is misery; lack of calorie intake, eating without pleasure. Food addicts develop physical, mental, emotional desire and chemical addiction to food. Which leads to a sense of pleasure or comfort with food and an inability to stop eating to create a sense of pleasure and comfort. Having a need for nutrition that leads to physical desire. And be obsessed with food. People understand that their eating patterns are harmful, but the destructive behavior continues.