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"Big red fireball" – Neighbors detect smoldering fire after lightning strikes …

Fire that was smoldering after a lightning strike:
"Big red fireball" – neighbors detect smoldering fire after lightning strikes a neighbor's house and alarms the fire brigade

Through an attentive neighbor, an ambulance – Residents were not at home – The fire department goes beyond the respiratory protection of the building – Residential house with bell ventilation – Neighbor in original sound

"Big red fireball" - Neighbors detect smoldering fire after lightning strikes ... 2

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Date: Monday, August 12, 2019, 7:20 pm

Location: Brandlecht, Grafschaft Bentheim, Lower Saxony

(kl) Careful neighbors can be prevented by worse things. In the evening above Bentheim County, a storm surge with numerous lightning strikes. Lightning struck a residential building in Brandlecht. A neighbor watched it from a shed by accident. He saw a real "fireball." The normal flash is so long, it was a round red fireball, "says G√ľnther Hoppmann. Shortly thereafter, he and his wife heard the neighbors' alarm sound. Since they were not at home, the Hoppmann called the fire department. Due to rapid reporting and short firing time, forces were able to maintain relatively low damage from the melting fire. They had to remove plasterboard in one room to get to the source of the fire. A small portion of the roof had to be covered. Water damage was also in the box. But it was not a nice gift from Peter for the owners.

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