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Bochum psychologists are developing a forced-wash treatment

With the new group training at Bochum, the compulsion for washing has already been defeated in one day. Researchers are looking for volunteers for the project.

Bochum psychologists are developing a forced-wash treatment

Ruhr University psychologists are currently developing effective and prompt help to deal with coercion effectively. With the help of group training, the fear of contagion could be overcome in just one day: Designing and testing treatment programs Researchers from the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy) under the direction of André Wannemüller.

100 affected persons are being searched

To test the effectiveness of treatment, we are now looking for 100 people who would like to receive a one-day free treatment in November 2019. The information is available online ( and via e-mail ( "In recent years, we have successfully implemented such large group treatment programs for people with dental anxiety, dizziness, fear of blood, spraying and injury, spider anxiety and fear of flying," explains Wannemüller. All procedures are similar in that they are feasible in just one day and are based on so-called exposure: participants should be in direct contact with their fear-filled situation.

The training consists of a theoretical section on the origin of fear of infection, the importance of frequent washing, and strategies to deal with fears. Then these strategies are practiced by the participants. The only prerequisite is to participate in the preliminary hearing in advance to ensure a diagnosis.