Burgerland: Launching a campaign for greater road safety

From 1 January to 4 August, 16 people were killed on the roads of Gradišće. There were nine deaths in 2017 and only six in 2017. To counter these alarming figures, an awareness-raising campaign has been launched on the initiative of the Deputy Governor-General of the Province, Johann Tschürtz, together with the provincial traffic department of the State Police Directorate. Focus checks aim to increase awareness of safe driving. At the same time, the nerve centers are deactivated. Deputy Governor Johann Tschürtz referred to the control campaign at Neusiedl am See – which also marked the start of the campaign – this morning: "Steering behind the wheel is a major cause of road accidents. The cause of distraction is usually easy to avoid. We want to make people aware of this. But we will also look at places of neuralgic accidents and, where necessary, improve road construction. "

The focus points of the focus check are speeding, distraction – for example, cell phones – weakened by alcohol and drugs, as is Gurtepflicht, explains the head of the regional traffic department at the National Police Directorate. Andreas Stipsits. However, control is not about punishment, but primarily about raising awareness, Tschürtz made it clear on the spot: "Protecting children is especially important to me. Anyone who grabs their cellphone while driving a car not only endangers their own safety but also endangers their lives and the health of other road users. Many people are often unaware of this. We want to draw attention to this and feel a careful interaction in traffic. "

Systematic random vehicle inspections and priority actions on the Burgenland network route are major contributors to increasing road safety, Stipsits said. Prevention is thus the highest goal and, in addition to serious offenses, leaves it with warnings. Stipsits: "Every car driver should ask themselves if a phone call is really that important to drive while driving, endangering other people's health and wellness."

Handling smartphones while driving or tethering is not smart or smart, Tschürtz says. It wants to highlight the dangers of these easily possible causes of accidents and raise the awareness of car drivers and drivers. They should also avoid eating, drinking and smoking while driving. "One-on-one negligence is enough to cover 28 meters outside, in the local area at a speed of 50 meters it is already 14 meters," Tschürtz points out.

To keep the campaign in the minds of the people and keep it going, the bracelets of "safe Burgundy" with a lightweight function will be distributed.