The Marga and Walter Boll Foundation ( has been funding a € 236,500 study for more than two years, which will explore the impact of combined intense strength training and endurance training on people with multiple sclerosis. With patient-centered measures such as fatigue, cognitive performance and quality of life, the immune system is in the spotlight. The Marga and Walter Boll Foundation, based in Kerpen and with a strong regional focus, supports not only social projects, but also science and research, especially in the fields of technical sciences, economics and social sciences, medical and health sciences, pediatrics and biosciences and natural sciences .

Purpose of Dr. Ing. The Horst Böhlke Foundation ( is promoting science and research against leukemia. Focused on classical medicine, nursing and natural sciences, the foundation supports the topics of further development of therapies, improvement of the therapeutic environment as well as optimization of the process during treatment. The current funding commitment from the Zimmer Task Force refers to biological analyzes of a recent completed intervention trial with patients with leukemia. The focus of the analysis is on the metabolism of the amino acid tryptophan, which is pathologically altered in patients and may be altered by sport.

The Clinical Sports ((Neuro)) Immunology research group deals mainly with the impact of exercise and sport on the human immune system and its interaction with the central nervous system of the clinical population (mainly people with cancer and multiple sclerosis). The main focus here is on the stimulation of the body's defense of tumors and inflammatory processes, as well as the closely related metabolism of tryptophan. In addition to biological factors, patient-oriented parameters, in particular cognitive performance and quality of life, as well as their interplay, are examined. The overall goal of the research is to optimize preventative and rehabilitative motion recommendations for those affected.

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Dr. Dr. Philipp Zimmer:

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