Celebrity Big Brother: Is The Winner Already Known? 2

Celebrity Big Brother: Is The Winner Already Known?

Who has the best chance of a Big Brother Celebrity title? Julian F. M. Stoeckel performed the check for us!

Friday is finally starting again! Twelve "celebrities" have moved to the most notorious German container. Already online, it's hard to argue over who's in the lead. We checked with one to know: Julian F.M. Stoeckel. The 32-year-old already has plenty of junk with his TV experience, that is, he was in the "jungle camp" to see. He looked closely at the candidates for us. Who is the cannon and who flops?

These are the winners

Theresia Fischer: "I must admit that I do not watch GNTM, but I found this candidate especially in the best sense of the word. It has a certain, great style and I already wrote on Instagram that I would like to invite her to one of my parties …!"

Joey Heindle: "Of course, I've known Joey for a very, very long time. He can be seen side by side with me at Promis Privat now. He goes to the famous Big Brother house now. Looks like he's back on gas now. That makes me happy because he's very honest, down to earth and nice boy. I can't say anything else …! "

Joey Heindle Ramona

Joey Heindle: Yes, he threw a baby bomb!

Ginger Costello-Wollersheim: "Bert (ale) Berta is, of course, very, very direct, boyish and loud. He will probably be one way or the other very soon. But I think with his rather simple style he can become a crowd pleaser. Because one is not: back and wrong. speak for the candidate first! "

Lilo from Kiesenwetter: "Lilo is going to be a wonderful quarterback of the season. It reminds me of a mix of Molly Luft, Trude Herr and Hildegard Knef. I hope they say some funny things and look one or two deep in the eye."

Zlatko Trpkovsky: "He was interviewed by equilibreplus.com newspaper and said he agreed to participate in the" PBB "just for the money. He would make it very smart. He would stay everywhere, take money and then disappear in anonymity. Congratulations, everything is done right! "

These are losers

Sylvia Leifheit: "I'm sorry, but we don't know them, she's never been Paris, not even Claudia knows them, we don't know them. Unfortunately, I can't comment on that, but when I look her in the face, it comes as the first association. that she can be very, very bitch! "

Almklausi: "I don't know personally – I can't judge!"

Jürgen Milsko on PBB-Zlatko: "It Affects Me"

Jürgen Milsko on PBB-Zlatko: "It Affects Me"

Chris Manazidis: "Unfortunately, I don't know him … I saw his video on Instagram this morning and without him he personally spoke or said he would be a Jan Leyk boyfriend. Pretty aggressive, short-haired and pretty unlikeable."

Tobi Wegener: "Some time ago I hosted a" Dome "and there was Tobi in my stream. I think he is too naive and simply knit to be very tactful and evil. It won't hurt anyone. Most important, of course. that he's naked and showering, because otherwise ehm, well … Well!) "

Eva Benetatou: "Benetatou or something? I don't know … I don't think I want to know either."

Jürgen Trovato: "I can make a very bad judgment. I have never seen any episode of his series, but I think he is a stubborn and very fair man who tells you directly and without filter what he is thinking. So you can drive very well and very, very bad …! "

Janine Pink: "I'm sorry – I don't know!"

In the past, Willi Herren has caused a sensation in a PBB house with a clumsy fall in his penis. You can see spicy pictures in the video: