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Facial care as a cosmetic trend

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08/13/2019 Martin Ross

Austrians spend a lot of money on cosmetics, especially facials.

© Transparent cosmetics
© Transparent cosmetics

Cosmetic trends such as naturalness, cosmetics transparent, cosmetic brand manufacturers' information platform, mentioned in their latest issue, have already been reported by (see link below), as a further trend now is facial care. Particularly popular is the use of active ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, as well as detox medications for thorough cleansing and skin relief. Customers also like to buy facial cleansing oils and makeup pillows.

In the skincare segment, facial care is the largest sector worth € 270 million – valued by Austrians for face care. It gained gains mainly because of its increasing popularity. In addition, women want to give their skin something special and access to better products. Nursing masks increased by more than 48 percent, cleansing masks could increase by more than 36 percent. Yet the growth segment is anti-aging products. Hair care and styling are the second strongest segment in the cosmetic market with around € 270 million (all data: Nielsen Marktforschung 2018 [Lebensmittelhandel / Diskonter und Drogeriefachhandel]).

Overall interest in cosmetics is high: According to Euromonitor International, the 1.7 billion euros released by the Austrians in 2018 for skin and body care products, decorative cosmetics, fragrances and deodorants and sunscreen. Cosmetics also expects transparent growth of up to four percent in 2019. Natural products and ingredients are very popular. Manufacturers of cosmetic brands are evaluating new products. "Skin and body care products are an important contribution to the personal well-being of humans, and increasingly to the protection of the environment," he summarized Stefan Kukacka transparent from cosmetics.

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