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Help in Austria – troubled El Maestro

5-1 at Mattersburg on Sunday was a balm for the soul of the violet. Also thanks to Christophe Monschein triples, Austria achieved its first Bundesliga victory of the season, for the first time untrained coach Christian Ilzer was pleased with the "perfectly implemented" match plan. The impetus is just the Wieners ahead of a tough Europa League qualifier against Limassol.

"Winning was important. We have to recover quickly and believe that we can win there," Ilzer said after scoring in the first league as coach of Austria. Monschein, who opened the scoring early in the third minute and later met twice (38th, 83rd), should have no doubt that 1-2 could be made up in Cyprus on Thursday. "Winning that kind of gives you a lot of confidence," the 26-year-old said after his first Bundesliga triple. "The coach has motivated us very well and boosted our confidence."

This could be successful after disappointing appearances in the league and the Europa League, against Austria Mattersburg never questioned their claim to three points. "High-level team performance," Ilzer said. The unconventional Burgenländer did not start possession of the ball and repeatedly caught the counter – found feeding for the agile Sturmdu Monschein-Dominik Fitz. "I hope to keep that form," said 20-year-old Fitz, who not only scored his second goal but also twice assisted Monschein.

Handl passed the talent test

Homemade Fitz wasn't the only boy to show up at Topola Stadium. In central defense, Johannes Handl, brought in by Wacker Innsbruck in the summer, acted without any blame for his debut in Austria. "Totally calm, confident, safe for the ball, a good head kick," Ilzer confronted this performance at Handl's second House show almost on an adventure. On the other side of the emotional spectrum was a side band that was wounded by middle-back veteran Michael Madle. "It spoils the joy. It will probably be longer," Ilzer said.

For captain Alexander Grünwald, who fell in the first half because of a double charge and also scored (56 & # 39;), victory is "the first step to a better future." It is important for the team to stick together, even if it is bad running – said the veteran. Ilzer urged everyone involved to be calm anyway: "As we have not been depressed in the last few weeks, we will not be euphoric now."

El Maestro: "wrong decision"

For Sturm Graz, on the other hand, was the first state shift of the season. Very little chance of a Styria duel with Hartberg decided by the TSV host thanks to a penalty kick by Dario Tadic (65) for himself. Judge Harald Lechner's whistle was controversial. Storm coach Nestor El Maestro spoke of a "wrong decision." "The referee ruled the match, but the claim against Hartberger must be that we make the decision on the field," the 36-year-old said.

Sturm's sports director Günter Kreissl was quite the loser. "The defeat, of course, hurts, but I have to congratulate Hartberg for being able to deliver a concentrated performance in 90 minutes, which was perfectly fine," said the former goalkeeper. His team in the table has replaced with the same Hartbergern (6 places each) and is only fourth. In Hartberg, everyone was on the moon after their second win of the season. "Winning the derby in front of a full house is something special. I don't think the win was undeserved," TSV President Brigitte Annerl said.

Schopp: "mega thing"

This was also evident in the taste of Markus Schopp. "For us at Hartberg, the mega thing is to play in the top league against the storm, and winning in front of a sold-out home is of course top-notch," the TSV coach said. Only the "Joker" Thomas Rotter could have emphasized this, because a "baby dream" came true to win against the storm.

Two points behind Sturm in fifth place is the newly won WSG Tirol after a draw 1-1 against St. Pölten. "Every league game is extremely tight and I can live well with four points," analyzed Tyrol coach Thomas Silberberger. Lower Austrians after the performance-oriented coach Alexander Schmidt pulled out even more victories and after only three penultimate rounds.