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HoE Tauern's VEQ Park started crowdfunding

OBERVELLACH (out). Hohe Tauern VEQ Park aims to provide children with innovative and holistic education through crowdfunding.

Economy in a ship

under until August 28, money will be raised to fund coaching at VEQ-Park. "We want to allow as many people as possible to participate, and parents often can't afford to give their children a good education," says Arnold Petutschnig. He wants to get the economy on board because "the economy of tomorrow benefits from well-trained forces."

Internal trust

The VEQ concept goes into prevention. "It's about the basics of education, about inner trust and inner harmony," Petutschnig explains. If that is not right, you are forced into things and situations where you are overwhelmed. “We grow with people who can’t relate,” he adds.

Since 2015 in Mölltal

Since 2015, the synchronous center "VEQpark HoheTauern" has been operating in Obervellach – a model model in the field of sports and education. VEQ stands for Vital Equilibrium Quality. The Center is a link for preventative health, creative learning, awareness and optimization of individual performance. There, in units of one and a half hours, physical, physical, self-confidence, perception and creativity are trained. The concept is suitable for children from the first grade of primary school to compulsory school years.

Holistic education

Insights and years of observation experience and active activities with children are the basis of VEQ methods. The concept is based on the developed components of Christiane Köppl, inventor and CEO of VEQpark Austria. A professional kinesiologist knows how important holistic education is to the future of society: "Pioneering work is sometimes a challenge – we are glad to have created a model of prosperity now. Our greatest joy is when it begins to work for children, and now for adults, in an optimal form." says enthusiastic Christiane Köppl.

Creative learning

Coach and leader Petutschnig sees supportive effects in optimal coaching for optimal potential development and knows that perception and self-perception are an essential part of a healthy society: "At the heart of our training are individual abilities. Creative learning about movement, as well as solution and self-determination in children and adults activate their self-esteem and confidence in themselves. This results in responsible action – or we even call it intelligence of conscience. "