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Makeup: Women over 50 should use these cosmetic products

When it comes to choosing makeup, we can do a lot wrong. In order not to get lost in the jungle of foundations, eyeshadows and lipsticks in the future, we have identified the best missing products in the cosmetic bag of all women over 50 …

Not only regarding skin care, there are several things to note, even makeup applies with 50 different rules compared to 20. While we were in our 20s we did not have to worry about that Foundation, Eyeshadow and Co. in a little Solve Wrinkles, Today we must pay special attention to him so that we do not look older than we really are. However, many treatments can not meet these requirements and not only disappoint us in terms of application, durability and appearance, but also burden our credit card. To avoid these wrong purchases in the future, we looked for makeup products that perfectly put our face on à la Cindy Crawford or Jennifer Lopez and they may be cheating on us a few years younger.💁🏼

Foundation: How to achieve an even and fresh complexion

For even skin The Foundation is now one of our must-have offers in every cosmetic bag. But for the product not to settle into our folds (yes, we have them and bear it!) And it looks stain, Be careful when choosing the right treatment and it will require special techniques. So that our complexion, which has become a bit uneven due to the first signs of aging, is perfectly prepared for the foundation, we can follow the daily routine of care Use a primer like Max Factor "Facefinity All Day Primer" to minimize pores and balance small lines. Only then is it applied to the redness of the foundation, stain and coating Co. But we should not resort to any treatment but Make-up, which is specifically tailored to the needs of older skin and thanks to ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, small wrinkles, with normal skin care other than combat.

Perfect complexion, but the shadows under the eyes are still visible? Then it's time to look for a concealer that visually illuminates the area, fighting the signs of aging. However, since the foundations and removers are particularly prone to greasy areas such as the chin, under the eyes or the forehead, To place yourself in the wrinkles, these games again need to be matted with translucent powder. Finally, to give the complexion a fresh finishing look, we can emphasize with subtle highlighted cheekbones, a bridge of the nose, an arch of eyebrows and lips. Heart

Eyes: We give these products a glow

You can do a lot with an expressive look, and just a fresh and bright look can make us look a few years younger. But how does a fresh eye look succeed? Anyway, with long and full lashes! Although we can activate hair growth by regularly using eyelash serums, Of course you should not miss the mascara in our morning beauty routine. The nutritional effect mascara, thanks to ingredients such as argan oil, not only gives more volume and length, but also for the healthy glow of fine hairs. To keep your lashes in the best possible position, Before applying the treatment in small zigzag movements, we should smooth the fine hair a little with the help of eyelash curlers.

Some mascara is not enough? Of course, a little shade can add a little more drama to the overall look; whether it's an office, a parent's dinner, or a hot date. For this purpose, the small selection of mat Nudetönen is particularly good and with a bright and shimmery hue, we can finally put rejuvenating highlights in the inner eye and under the eyebrows.

Lips: This is how you get the perfect kiss

Particularly in recent years, small wrinkles have been slowly spreading around the lips, which in turn makes it difficult to wear roses (especially light shades). After a short while, the color in the folds expires outward and the lines are even more clearly emphasized. The result: We look even older! So it doesn't happen in the future, it is With regular use of plowing treatments such as lips or masks, which soften small wrinkles and lip cushions, color choices are alpha and omega, So we should start in bright colors, prefer to make onions (at least in everyday life, if needed quickly and easily without Lipliner), and however, like actress Cate Blanchet, they resort to the delicate hues of the rosewood palette. If the product also has moisturizing properties, we have killed two birds with one stone and the perfect kiss is guaranteed! 💋

Do you want to expand your cosmetic bag with one product or another for your face, eyes or lips? No problem! We have linked to you a small selection of makeup recommendations in our aftermarket shopping gallery! 😍

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