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Max Planck Diet: So you lose up to 9 pounds in the long run

Want to see quick successes with your diet and not have the yo-yo effect? Then Max Planck's method might be just for you. We tell you all about the short-term diet that should drive our metabolism …

Summer makes your temperatures comfortable with the desire for short skirts and tight clothing or possibly a dream vacation in the south, which is why it's high time to tackle the unhealthy pounds of butt, stomach and legs. As time goes on, we begin to look for a method of weight loss that extreme success in no time promises. We came across a known metabolic diet that should help us in just two weeks to reach our desired figure, and without the yo-yo effect, as it changes our metabolism in the long run. How the method works and why you can lose up to nine pounds in just 14 days, you will learn now.

Max Planck's Diet: This is how the radical method works

The program for real connoisseurs is a hard-hitting diet, which should stick for about two weeks and not. Because the method is based on a low-carbohydrate diet, which is why carbohydrates like rice, pasta and bread from the diet have to be deleted. Aside from The number of calories is reduced so that only 600 kcal in the form of protein-containing products, such as meat, fish or eggs (about 35 percent of your daily energy intake), but also as a vegetable, fruit or salad to be consumed. An amount well below the average adult basal metabolic rate and thus can lead to the success of the user in a very short time. Because this diet greatly enhances metabolism, which is an important factor when pounds lose weight and dissolve fat.

A typical day with the Max Planck diet might look like this:

morning: Black coffee, eggs
noon: Steak, salad and some vegetables or fruits, black tea
evening: Boiled send and salad, hot lemon

In these drinks, metabolism is pushed

Beverages that supplement food during the Max Planck diet, and are considered to be the real boosters of metabolism, should not be forgotten. First is it Black Teawhich stimulates this mechanism with the help of the bacterial strain "Psendobutyrivibrio". caffeinated coffee, which can also be drunk in its darkest form during the Max Plack diet, causes an improvement in metabolism by various biologically active substances. The last is that lemon, which, in combination with hot or cold water, is considered a true fat killer because it stimulates the happiness hormone serotonin due to its high vitamin C content, and thus brings our metabolism into the heat. What makes the Max Planck diet so special is the long-term success it promises. Reason: Our metabolism needs to be changed by a rigorous diet change so that our desired weight can last up to three years, as its effect will not be minimized for now. 🙏🏼

However, the controversial concept of weight loss does not need to be implemented for more than two weeks, as nutritionists specifically warn about symptoms of deficiency, kidney strain or digestive problems. Even if the name of the diet suggests that it is closely related to scientist Max Planck, the theory is incorrect. Who the principle deserves is unknown. However, the Max Planck Institute is publicly distancing itself from the weight loss method.

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