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Oral dermatitis: how to identify and treat stewardess disease

Fans of comprehensive skin care routines today are truly in a land of abundance: there are not only conventional skin creams for more moisture, but just for the immense possibilities. However, those who exaggerate with double cleansing, serum, oil, lotion and masks are often caught in an uncomfortable skin disorder: Oral dermatitis is caused by over-eating and due to its appearance, it is often extracted for acne. It is harmful to health but extremely annoying for those affected.

What is perioral dermatitis and how does it develop?

The most common driver of perioral dermatitis, also known as stewardess disease, is intensive skin care. In addition, stress, hormonal imbalances and infections (for example with yeasts) can lead to it. Perioral dermatitis is a typical result of over-conditioning and a warning sign that the skin cannot cope with it. Because flight attendants have perfect work-related skin and often suffer from illness due to too much worry, strong make-up, constantly changing climates and little sleep, the rash is colloquially known as a flight attendant.

Too many product layers and active ingredients cause swelling of the skin's protective layer and obstruction of the skin barrier. As a result, the skin loses moisture, dries and tightens. But if it is additionally creamed and nourished afterwards, the skin is brought into a "dependency" on care products to make up for the loss of moisture. For a short time a moisturizer can help against strained, dry areas, but the gap diminishes with the progression of skin disease. If there is overcrowding despite the initial symptoms, there may be long-term intolerance to certain products and ingredients in cosmetics.

Oral dermatitis: These symptoms can be recognized

Perioral skin dermatitis

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Those who want to do good on their skin and prevent perioral dermatitis should adapt and reduce skin care

The problem: As perioral dermatitis manifests with small red pimples, pustules and sometimes full-blown pus, it is often mixed with acne, rosacea or harmless spots. In addition, the initial symptoms often occur only slightly and in smaller places, which is why stewardess disease is not recognized for a long time. The irritation of other skin diseases may vary in that the circular area around the mouth is spared from symptoms, which is why it is also called a lipstick. Redness occurs more strongly between the lines of laughter and cheeks, with gaps around the mouth, forehead or in the eye area below and on the sides of the lower eyelids. The irritated areas of the skin are red, dry to scaly, the skin taut and burning.

To distinguish perioral dermatitis clearly from other skin complaints and illnesses, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist in good time at the first notice of symptoms. Because the wrong approach can dramatically aggravate perioral dermatitis – for example, when drying the pimple product is applied to already balanced skin.

I have perioral dermatitis – and now what?

To address skin irritation as quickly as possible, drastic measures are needed: in skin care, this means first and foremost a complete renunciation of all skincare and cosmetics. First of all, moisturizer must be removed from your daily routine as it additionally makes your skin addictive. During this time, the face should only be cleaned with warm water and then gently dried. The skin needs this drastic zero diet to be fully restored – and this goes on: whoever suffers from perioral dermatitis must be patient. It can take weeks to months for the skin disease to heal completely.

In particularly drastic cases they can be used to support the fats with the active ingredients metronidazole or erythromycin, the inflammatory areas are especially bad, antibiotics may need to be prescribed further. To alleviate the symptoms, black tea envelopes have been found to be effective with soothing tannins contained – brew very strong black tea, allow to cool and soak a cotton cloth in it and place on affected skin. Because perioral dermatitis can occur after first outburst, mild skin care products are preferred, especially for sensitive skin types. I: prefer to go back to your regular skin care equipment and put on a mild cleanser. Exfoliants, tonics or acid products should be used as sparingly as possible or omitted altogether.