Poison and pesticides are a passé / urban farm – a way to get undisturbed food

08/12/2019 – 16:32

B + H Solutions GmbH

Stuttgart (ots)

There are 20 million homes in Germany and more than a million alloys. According to a recent report from STERN, German hobby gardeners use more than 6,200 tonnes of plant protection products on their plots, spending more than € 60 million. It is also different:

"I don't trust anyone when it comes to food. That's why we organized ourselves," says Doris Pauschin of Lindau / Bodensee. "We have built a small greenhouse and two raised beds from which we grow and grow our own vegetables. We buy grain and potatoes from a neighboring farmer who we know works without the use of pesticides. "

Starting the Pauschin family was not easy. Some types of seeds germinate badly, plants are due to disease. The peasant farmer advised War: "He told us about B + H Solutions' AgroArgentum product in Remshalden (near Stuttgart), which he uses in his fields."

The product, a mixture of trace elements, minerals and a little fertilizer, is the result of years of research by prof. Dr. Honey. Martin Heinisch. The Managing Director of the B + H producer has even been granted patent protection by the European Patent Office as a sustainable plant breeding solution for its research results.

Heinisch: "Agent" AgroArgentum "is the only product. Because most of the nitrogen is related to more and more plants from the air. Therefore, only small amounts of nitrogen are needed over the roots. In addition, to grow healthy, plants need trace elements But the most important thing is light. This is often not available enough. Because of this, we have adapted our product so that plants are optimally nourished and good results are achieved even with less light. "

Doris Pauschin is delighted: "We have been using this medicine since the spring of 2017, and our crops are there as one, the plants are healthy and vital. Vegetables and fruits are perfect, taste great and do not charge. That's how we always imagined."

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