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Royal gaffe? The Duchess Kate with makeup edges on the way

Uh, there's the Duchess Kate, 37, probably a disgraceful beauty breakdown! Prince William's wife, 37, is commonly known for her always stylish top. Because of its fashion sense of royales and natural look, fans have been celebrating it for years. But even with a triple mom she can obviously go wrong: In the sailing regatta, the Briton now proved himself with unmistakable make-up spots.

At the event, the 37-year-old presented herself in an oddly sporty dress: for a pair of shorts, she wore a cloth jacket in a light creamy tone – and this is what eventually became her fatality. Because after a closer look, the photos are on the collar of the jacket stains to recognize that it can only come from Kate's makeup. Probably the top of the door was so tight that the Foundation changed the color of the royal lady.

However, this is not the first time Kate has not performed so well in public. Just a few weeks ago, she attended a photo workshop in Kingston. Attention fans didn't miss the fact that Kate's hairline had the first gray strands. But Williams's wife doesn't seem to mind at all: she flashed over her ears – just like in a regatta. How about Kate's makeup miss? Tunes!

The Duchess Kate and Prince William in the court Getty ImagesPicture gallery button
The Duchess Kate and Prince William at the King & # 39; s Regatta
The Duchess Kate at a 2019 sporting eventGetty Images

The Duchess Kate at a 2019 sporting event
The Duchess Kate in June 2019Getty Images

The Duchess Kate in June 2019

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