Successful debut for Maxi Bauer in SC Moosen against Aspis Taufkirchen 2

Successful debut for Maxi Bauer in SC Moosen against Aspis Taufkirchen

Prime Minister Maxi Bauer in the SC Moosen jersey succeeded. He scored 4: 1 (1: 1) against Apsis Taufkirchen and put a message to the competition.

Moosen "We want to play in the top third," SCM Chief Antonio Ostenrieder said after the game full of euphoria. He had seen a strong "whole team" show before that. Because mosses are more than just farmers. Although this, according to Ostenrieder, "prepared the way for victory."

New signing of the regional league TSV Buchbach and Stefan Hölzlein tore the match from the very beginning. A nice combination on the right led to a Moosener lead. Michael Willmes served up a clever pass in the Hölzlein rematch to make it 1-0 (28). Moments later, Bauer (30th) and Andreas Galler (35th) missed the second goal as Aspis goalkeeper Florian Dillis reacted strongly on both occasions. Just before the break Moosens Helmut Rampeltshammer unhappy to put the ball in the penalty area. Chief Judge Rupert Mangstl pointed to a penalty and Andreas Kasten deliberately converted the equalizer (45th).

With a lot of momentum, the hosts left the cabin. The award was not long in coming. Bauer started off with a dribble and was stopped in the penalty area only by a foul. Punishment again. Again the shooter, this time a farmer, sank in the icy cold (49th). With leadership in the back, Moosener Pressing was even better. In 3: 1 Johannes Körbl (69th) gave the apse to the attacker's defense a free pass. The middle line to the finish line was as empty as the unfinished A 94. He converted the third penalty of the day to Bauer again in the 4: 1-final (79th). "Self confidence is slowly coming back," rejoices Ostenrieder.