SVW: Frustration quickly gives way to pride

Brace in the first ten minutes, Waldhof striker Valmir Sulejmani catches his attention and opens the afternoon to memory. Photo: dpa

Brace in the first ten minutes, Waldhof striker Valmir Sulejmani catches his attention and opens the afternoon to memory.
Photo: dpa

MANNHEIM – (bore). What a spectacular DFB Cup this afternoon at the sold out Mannheim Carl Benz Stadium! Third Division SV Waldhof had the semi-finals of the Erstligisten and Europa League last season, Eintracht Frankfurt, in front of 24 302 spectators on the verge of embarrassment. 3: 2 was led by Waldhöfer 17 minutes before the end. Then world champion Ante Rebic saved the favorites with a flawless hat-trick within twelve minutes.

But this fight cup had no loser in the end. Even after the game, Waldhöfer's frustration quickly gave way to a strong performance of his own. The back and forth in this lush game was football advertising. Overall, the game was completely calm and out of square. Both Fanlagers are friendly – and have also come up with something artistic. Waldhof supporters showed flag choreography, which represented a check pattern. As a motto, SVW fans unpacked the saying "damn long ago." About 8,000 Eintracht fans presented the performance with many of Schwenkfahnen's – and pyrotechnics before the launch. SGE fans ignited smoke in various colors and Bengali torches. Sports went to the square, then attractive. Eight goals in 90 minutes and pure tension. That SVW eventually lost, was unfortunate for Mannheim. But the players quickly caught on, they had, but in football Germany they made new friends.

"Of course you want to win such a game. But even so, we can be proud. You must first score three goals against the Bundesliga side. You can only learn from such games," said Waldhöfer double scorer Valmir Sulejmani, who received applause when he was applauded. replaced by rows. He shocked Eintracht's pomades by double in the first ten minutes. "We crossed our borders. In the end, it was difficult for us at the time, said SVW defender Marcel Seegert." Waldhof's coach Bernhard Trares was really proud of his team's exciting performance against the supposed superhero. "We went in fantastic, but then we missed having more possessions, which cost us cereal."

The coach said: "Without two goals scored before the break could have been easier. Unfortunately, it was too easy for the Frankfurt side to score." In the second half, his players wanted to "hit it all again." But Trares admitted: "The boys are given everything, Eintracht let us run in the good times, but also as it should. We were unlucky to play and lost our balance after 3-2. "

"Berlin, Berlin, let's go to Berlin," was chanted by SVW fans after a powerful goal from Jan-Hendrik Marx, who had his fans admire the Cup sensation. But only three minutes. Then Ante Rebic showed his class and ended all hopes of Mannheim with his 12-minute hat-trick.

Eintracht coach Adi Hütter also started the game. He said: "Waldhof came in better, was a bit nimble and asked for other balls when we were not in a good mood. It was only 5: 3 that I was really sure we would make progress." Europe, the German part three made a better impression, for which Hütter also paid great respect.