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The healthier years of the Upper Austrians

Redirecting health promotion and prevention in Upper Austria should ensure healthier years of life for the population.

Upper Austria. "You don't buy healthy years of life in a hospital, but take responsibility for it," points out Landeshauptmann-Stv. Christine Haberlander (ÖVP) during the re-orientation of health promotion and prevention in Upper Austria. The goal of the nine health strategies is to prevent disease and increase the healthy and self-determined life years of all people in Upper Austria.


The diversion is based on three "pillars" – "Healthy Growing Up in Upper Austria", "Healthy Living in Upper Austria" and "Healthy Aging in Upper Austria".

Therefore, "health promotion and prevention in Upper Austria will focus more on people's life stages," explains Erwin Rebhandl, a medical specialist and general practitioner.

57 years of health

To provide citizens with a healthier life, but also self-responsibility, such as an annual review.

"On average, every Austrian has 57 years of health," Rebhandl says.

For comparison, the neighbors from Germany have a medical condition of about 67 years and the Swedes about 73 years.

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