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Using Yoga for More Strength and Strength: Do You Want These Exercises to Repair Sweat?

Yoga is not about achieving something concrete, it's about being fully present in the moment – and that's just great. Because of this, I decided to go to yoga teacher training in India last year after leaving school. Not only to learn more, but also to become a kind of ambassador and to bring as many people as possible to the practice of yoga and its benefits.

What I didn’t expect, however, when I signed up for training: how to work out fitness for three hours of yoga a day. It was and was a very pleasant side effect for me because I had been looking for a sport for a long time to keep me fit and healthy. Although yoga is much more than physical fitness – it is always important to me to mention it – it still provides many people like me with a way to keep their body in shape. And quite quickly. For the first few days, I had sore muscles like I never had before (as, as I mentioned before, I was never the greatest athlete). But it got better day by day. At first, after ten sun salutations, I was still biting like an old horse, after two weeks it was already quite normal.

Full Body Exercise

A special greeting to the sun is a great opportunity to take a closer look at the topic of yoga without feeling overwhelmed. It trains different muscle groups of the body, strengthens the cardiovascular system and expands breathing spaces, which in turn helps you increase your breathing volume. The front and back of the body are stretched and prevent misalignment. Even the abdominal muscles are activated by a sun salute and thus the body and balance are strengthened.

Of course, yoga is always the highest rule: never exercise outside of your own circumstances. However, it can basically be said: Greetings to the sun, if you do it often enough, can make you sweat quite a bit and completely replace one or the other workout. In our photo gallery, I show you how to perform the sun salutation step by step and what you should consider in each exercise.