"We will change the entire pharmaceutical industry" Tobias Lau, Sat 13.08.2019 09:07 2

"We will change the entire pharmaceutical industry" Tobias Lau, Sat 13.08.2019 09:07

The idea behind Privmed is very simple: patients should individually receive the strength of the active ingredient needed individually with their tablets. "We want to clean up the entire pharmaceutical market because every patient is entitled to a personalized drug," says Krause confidently. The analysis of the problem is also simple but convincing: Until now, chroniclers in particular have been overdosed. Most drugs have only two dose levels. The doctor then prescribes a higher dose to make sure the drug concentration is high enough. As a result, many patients received more medication than they needed, and the drug would become a mass of avoidable and problematic waste material.

Privmed wants to help. The company is a spin-off of KG-Pharma, a manufacturer of tablet presses and peripherals for R&D. Its founder, sole owner and managing director is Krause. Previously, a chemical engineering graduate worked for several major manufacturing equipment manufacturers. "In the meantime, I received several requests for manufacturing facilities for research purposes. Then I thought there might be a need." So in 2006 he founded KG-Pharma and became a specialist in his niche.

According to his own son Tim, he came up with his new business idea: he suffers from ADHD and underlying autistic illness, which is why he has to take psychotropic medications. "We've always had problems with dosing," Krause says. So the dosage often had to be adjusted weekly, with several different strengths of the drug, but you could never know it.