Wellness massage, including spa 2

Wellness massage, including spa

Wellness massage in Dortmund – Kirchhörde
"Not a lot of time we have, but a lot of time we don't use"
Welcome to AloeSpa
It doesn't always have to be a wellness vacation. Sometimes a little escape from daily life is enough. There is AloeSpa that offers a tight body and tired feet with first aid massage!
Everyone longs for touch, warmth and deep relaxation. Is only the best good enough for you? Then experience the best time in our good house.
We want to invite you
Let yourself be inspired in our modern wellness center with extensive massages and a lightly flooded pool and sauna.
Experience wellness and massage, inner peace, hot and cold drinks, spirituality and a lifestyle. Immerse yourself in a very special world and feel a new sensation that brings your body, mind and soul into good balance and gives you energy and vitality.
Whether you are alone, as a couple or with friends up to 3 people, you are alone in our spa and you can enjoy the peace in a private atmosphere. Our concept is for customers to learn to use time for themselves and leave everyday behind for a moment.
Have some time?
If you have a limited time, you can only book a massage without a spa.
It's time for two
You can visit our spa on your own or with your partner. Available for you individually for 1 hour. I'll pick you up for treatment later. You will approach daily life after our wellness treatment with renewed vigor and energy.
3 persons
Registered 3 people can enjoy the spa area until all massages are complete.

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