Zero diet for Bad Abbach and Aiglsbach 2

Zero diet for Bad Abbach and Aiglsbach

The Kelheims Football League TSV Bad Abbach and TV Aiglsbach started their defeats in English Week. Men from Leisure Island were defeated by VfB Straubing 2: 4 (1: 2), and Hallertauers who made a lot of dreams in the BFV Cup TSV 1860 Munich got with their colleagues with BSC Woffenbach 1: 2 (1: 1) points excluded.

"We're lost, we have to work on some construction sites", famous Abbachs coach Torsten Holm. It started optimally: In the 3rd minute, Tobias Doblinger scored a corner kick. But then he was distributing the TSV "Gifts"says Holm. First, David Smolak, 11, used the equalizer. In the 35th minute, Mustapha Kamara escaped the defense and Ahmed Ahmedov refined his cross with a completely free position in the middle.

Too easy goals
Five minutes after the restart, Abbot's defensive effort was well-judged by Ahmed's. For free on Keeper Ludwig Räuschl narrowing down he could choose the corner. "Certain players must not be confused with us," Holm noted in the failure list, "you still cannot receive such simple goals." After 1-3, TSV unexpectedly even got a chance to turn it around: VfB goalkeeper Maximilian Schmirl committed a foul outside the penalty area and saw Red (77). A free kick gave Christopher Prester a chance on the spot, but Philipp Lischka, who came in to replace the pitch, was brilliant. Abbach's effort followed Tobias Butzmann's 86-1 run on TSV's second Reader hit of the 90th.

The Aiglsbachs Cup heroes found themselves in Woffenbach indecent every day on the league floor. "The legs may be a little heavy. We were always a step too late from the top.", coach Benjamin Flicker said after 1-2. Although Woffenbach played 73 minutes in the lead (yellow-red for Manuel Wastl / 17th), TV did not have access to the game.

Scorer put himself out cold
The home side put the pressure away in the first minute and in the 11th minute René Zeltner lowered the opponent and scored the 1-0 goal. BSC scorer Christopher Blank came too late after the infamous last pass and caught the visiting striker on his feet.

Hallertauer had more possession in the second half, but was rarely dangerous. Woffenbach penalized it: Florian Höllrigl's free kick could only be carried by TV goalkeeper Andreas Schmidt, Marvin Kubis (55) pushed into the jump. Aiglsbachs' final offensive remained a lazy breeze, scorer Manfred Gröber did not go into his own. "We made too many mistakes to get points", Flicker summarized.