Zinc and silver cream: a miracle cure for pimples 2

Zinc and silver cream: a miracle cure for pimples

This is why zinc cream is really good for pimples and impurities

Zinc cream is a real home remedyit has been around for decades Proven in acne and small impurities, On zinc oxide It has an antiseptic effect and has a healing and astringent effect. This means that the cream not only dries pimples and deprives them of sebum, but also promotes healing of wounds in the body on inflamed skin. Mega! Do you have acute acne, Zinc cream therefore stops the overproduction of sebum and the spread of bacteria immediately after applicationwhich in turn can cause new impurities / inflammation. Wow! After a very short period of use, the acne becomes smaller, even, and resembles the surrounding skin.

How to apply zinc cream?

If you already have a preference for dry skin, you should use a cream just lubricate the affected areasIf you have oily and / or oily skin, you can use cream Apply in a thin layer to the entire facebecause it draws excess sebum out of your pores. Combine if necessary Zinc cream with an acne moisturizer – and you have the perfect care routine to fight uneven skin.

Where can I buy the best zinc creams?

The most popular EVER cream: Azulen paste by Dr. Med. Cornerstone for about 13 euros. Soothing paste for normalizing stain care helps reduce pimples and pustules faster. Along with azulene, vitamin B complex, vitamins A and E, allantoin, shale oil and zinc oxide. Free from mineral oils, silicone oils and artificial colors. And real value for money pro!

Fight blackheads and pimples with silver cream

Many women who suffer from acne swear by silver cream to fight nasty pimples, which can hurt a lot. Even Rosacea's skin disease is due to the silver cream of the past! But how does silver cream work?

This is how silver cream works against stains

Antibacterial property of silver cream prevents the spread of acne bacteria and tiny particles of silver protect the skinso that the natural balance of the skin is restored. Unlike zinc grease, silver cream can be applied in the morning and in the evening to the entire cleansed face.

Best silver cream on Amazon

The Bergland silver cream for about € 15 also contains natural vitamin E, which protects the skin from light-induced premature aging. Lavender and myrtle essential oils soothe and stabilize the skin. Application: In the morning and evening, apply as often as possible to cleansed skin and gently massage. An effective depot effect ensures the release of silver ions throughout the day and skin patches are effectively treated.