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A national care prevention project was presented

Karlsruhe (epd). In Karlsruhe, the national care project "Procare" was presented on behalf of the Krankenkasse Technician (TC). Both employees and those in need of care at senior care centers are being considered, representatives of the Treasury and Karlsruhe Technical Institute (KIT) said in Karlsruhe on Tuesday. KIT sports scientists are overseeing and evaluating the project developed by the University of Hamburg in the region.

Procare will focus for the first time on "the overall layout of the nursing home," said Andreas Vogt, head of TK Baden-Württemberg. Prevention is a double challenge here. On the one hand, many residents were affected by several physical limitations, on the other, employees had an extremely stressful daily work routine.

Procare is being tested nationwide in eight metropolitan areas and has been scientifically tested: in addition to Karlsruhe and Stuttgart, others in Hamburg, Bremen, Paderborn, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Chemnitz and Frankfurt.

In the area of ​​health and geriatric nurses, they averaged 23 days a year on sick days. So every tenth day a nurse is missing. It is alarming that care is much more important than other occupations for health, Vogt said. In addition, nurses are seriously lacking.

"We are doing something for the physical and psychological well-being of employees and residents," added project manager Claudia Hildebrand of the KIT Institute for Sport and Sports Sciences. For example, there are feedback courses or relaxation techniques for employees, as well as activities to improve psychosocial well-being for residents.