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A passionate barber is celebrating its anniversary

Zeiningers have been cutting hair in Königsbrunn for 50 years. Karl Zeininger remained true to his father's location, but he did approach things a little differently

Zeininger hairstyling is known in Königsbrunn, Augsburg and the surrounding area, until customers come from Munich and Memmingen. Karl Zeininger is celebrating 50 years in business this year. His father Walter Zeininger then opened a hairdressing business in the southern market, making it the first supermarket hairstylist. In the following years, he opened one store after another – in Königsbrunn, Mering, Bobingen, Augsburg.

In addition, the core business has always remained, even if supermarkets have changed, from the South Market to Handelshof and finally to Kaufland. In addition, the Zeininger name is combined with Hilfsfonds Königsbrunn, co-founded by Walter Zeininger, and publicly launched on his initiative in 2007 at the Foundation. Karl has always been involved here, always with the Zeininger family, but especially after his father's untimely death in 2012. Beside him are his mother Luise and sister Petra Zeininger-Benning, and now the next generation.

Better just a job, but with high quality

Karl Zeininger emphasizes his father's great life achievements. He was definitely a great role model. For himself, however, the son sets other priorities. It was not important for him to own many businesses. He prefers to invest in quality and also relies on peripheral areas around pure core business. So, he gave everything but one job with family consent. Karl Zeininger took the time to do this because it was important to him that the stores come in skilled hands, and above all so that all employees could remain in their positions.

Read it now: Today's edition of your e-work newspaper.

Read it now: Today's edition of your e-work newspaper.

For three years, however, only one store in Wandalenstraße has been called Zeininger. So the son, whose grandparents already worked as hairdressers, is in close proximity to his father's home business. He almost grew up in that, even as a minor he kept his playing field there. "I may not have become a passionate hairstylist, but definitely a passionate hairstylist," Karl Zeininger explains of his career.

Königsbrunner has been a hairstylist for 29 years

He was a hairdresser for 29 years – he could only become a master at that time after a few years as a traveler – and was an economics economist for 28 years: "I've always been interested in many other things and love to continue my education." sees Dermatology as an important challenge. For example, he also works with a scalp microscope and the Vita-Hair-light (positive light) method and has already assisted many customers with psoriasis for years. “It makes me really happy,” he explains.

The quality of the product and its operation is of great concern to him. This is how current knowledge and science is embedded in the specialist sector, so he also relies heavily on training his team. Karl Zeininger is proud of the good climate among currently eleven employees who also travel to the trade shows. Two spontaneously interviewed employees confirm this. Selina Stauble, who has worked for ten years since her apprenticeship, talks about the personal appreciation and fun that one has together. Nuray Kilman-Güvenc, who has been a member of the Zeininger hairdressing team for 30 years, goes even further: "I went the Karl way and we are really like a big family."

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